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Many studies show that back problems are the number one common disease. Lumbago and herniated discs are just as acute as chronic back pain. There are many tips to address these problems - but what are really effective aids for back problems?

Effective help for back pain

There is almost only one real remedy for normal back problems! Move! Most people today have a sedentary job. Sitting all day long is painless for a long back.

The back is often held rigid and that's the worst thing you can do when the back is already causing problems anyway. The back is built like a sturdy frame with a flexible shock absorber. For this reason, he also needs different movements and changes loads.

Tips for back pain - relieve back pain
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If you move too little, your muscles, ligaments and tendons will shrivel and your intervertebral discs will also suffer. So it doesn't take long and pain occurs.

What can you do about it? Daily back exercises?

This is definitely a good and sensible idea. But many of the exercises on offer do not prevent the pain from occurring or coming back. Even if you, like the top athletes, do all the exercises daily, pain can come back or, in the worst case, even remain. So that the spine can recover and pain does not recur, it is not only important to build up the muscles, but also to restore the coordination of the muscles, tendons, nerves and vertebral joints.

But not only exercise and sport are important for back pain, but also the correct posture and correct sitting.

By deliberately relieving the spine, you can already avoid pain. With the right mattress, an ergonomically shaped desk chair and also with massages and warmth you can help your afflicted back.

Try to avoid stress, because that too can be a reason for your back problems. Stress causes tension, which in turn can increase your back problem.

Don't underestimate the right diet either. Obesity can put a lot of strain on your back because it has more to carry. A permanent overload makes him more pain-sensitive.

The back has many tasks. He carries the body and keeps it upright. We humans do not pay much attention to and care for him as long as he works. But at the latest, when the slightest movement causes pain and something dropped seems very far away, you should take many small measures to help your back.

A healthy and painless back gives you a piece of quality of life and should not be underestimated.

The ergonomic workplace

Everyone has heard something of an ergonomic workplace before. But few people know what that means. What does "ergonomics" mean and how should "an ergonomic workplace" be?

Ergonomics is the science of the lawfulness of the work performed by people or machines. The aim of ergonomics is to make the work processes meaningful. This includes well-organized work processes, the list of items that are always needed, useful work equipment and, last but not least, the work result. Ergonomic work design should ensure error-free and efficient work. But the safety of the worker must of course not be neglected either.

Special consideration is given to the fact that an ergonomic workplace helps people to tire less during a long working day and to remain healthy and fit even after many years of work.

When an ergonomic workplace is set up, it is also about the overall atmosphere of the room. This also includes the right lighting, the climate in the room and the work processes. All of these measures are designed to help reduce stress or prevent it from occurring in the first place. The employees should like to work and feel good.

In practice, however, it usually looks different. Statistics have shown that 40 percent of employees in sedentary occupations often complain about back problems and that sick leave is correspondingly high. Neck complaints and headaches are also common in these occupations and may be due to misaligned screens, desks, and office chairs.

For some years, the provision of an ergonomic workplace has become the norm in every company. Many different regulations and laws dictate the details.

Here are the most important minimum requirements

The desk

If you sit at the desk for eight hours or more, an ergonomically designed desk is very important. You can use the middle row of letters on your keyboard. There should be the elbow height of your arms. The table should be a hand's breadth above your thighs.

The office chair

The office chair is the most important piece of furniture at all if you sit many hours a day. Its task is to support, relieve and enable various movements of your spine. The chair should be locked in the seat height with your knees. Try to keep your feet straight on the floor. The armrests of the office chair should be at the level of the elbows and should be able to rest without having to move your back.

indoor climate

The indoor climate should not be underestimated either. The ideal case with plants, humidifiers or water pots to produce an optimal humidity of 40 to 60 percent.
The ergonomic workplace is not only for companies, it also helps entrepreneurs to keep employees healthy longer.

Causes of back problems

The causes of back pain can be varied. It is very difficult to determine the actual causes in detail. Back pain is mainly caused by physical as well as organic problems. They can also arise from poor posture and incorrect stress. Everyone has probably had back pain at some point. In many cases this pain disappears after a few days.

Many people complain about permanent complaints. The causes of back problems are mainly caused by muscle tension that irritates the nearby nerve. Permanent malpractice and incorrect strains on the spine also carry a great debt.

Obesity can further promote back problems, but psychological stress should not be underestimated. Both physical and psychological causes can be responsible for back pain. The most common reason, however, is muscle tension due to incorrect posture, incorrect stress and, above all, lack of movement. If the muscles are loaded to different degrees, some muscle groups are overwhelmed and others are underwhelmed. This shortens and hardens the muscles, which in turn leads to tension and pain. A vicious cycle begins!

But the causes of back problems are not only in the muscles, it can also be caused by disorders of the nerve functions.
Broken bones or tumors are very rarely the reason for back pain.

Back pain first becomes noticeable through tension, tiredness, stiffness of the joints, and difficulty in every movement. Only later do those affected then feel acute pain.

To identify the causes of back problems, you should first take a closer look at your spine. The back, the spine, is the framework of human beings. If you look at the spine from the side, you see a double S-shape. The cervical and lumbar vertebrae point inwards, the thoracic vertebrae, the sacrum and coccyx show a bulge outwards. To keep the spine in shape, it is held in place by ligaments and tendons.

Our spine has different and quite a few tasks to fulfill. She carries the burden of the body. The most important task is the hold function. Only through the spine can we move. It cushions the head and brain against impacts from the outside that only arise when walking and walking. The spine protects the spinal cord and internal organs.

If you have not found the exact causes of back problems, you can do a lot for yourself and your back in your own environment. Take a look at your workplace and start with small changes, a new office chair, more movement, balanced loads and much more can make you feel better soon. Your back will thank you.

Exercises for back problems

Anyone who knows the problem will be able to confirm it. In back pain, the body takes by the resulting pain, a posture and so cramps the muscles to protect against further pain.
You can do a lot for your back when you do different back pain exercises.

Your back has a lot to do every day. In order to meet the demands of life, you should regularly strengthen your back muscles. Only strong muscles can support the spine. Exercise and sport are very important. The interplay of flexibility and coordination helps the back to stay healthy.

There is no scientific explanation that shows the best exercises for back problems. It is particularly important that you exercise and how you move.

By the right dosage, good instruction with a targeted training structure and the right technique you will achieve an improvement with each sport. It is also very important to perform the sport regularly.
The most important aspect is that the sport you choose suits you. He must give you pleasure and fit into your life so that you can carry it out permanently. If there is no joy, you will quickly resign and give up.

Here are some tips that you can use as exercises for back problems:

endurance training

An individually adapted to you endurance training in conjunction with a light weight training has shown improvement in many people. A trained trainer in a good gym will familiarize you with the matter and show you everything important.

Walking and cycling

Investigations have shown that patients particularly and permanently benefit from their own activities that they perform independently. These include, for example, two to three times a week 30 minutes of walking, walking or cycling. This sportive activity can integrate many in their everyday life and thus also perform. Optimal would be a professional relaxation therapy.

Fast walking

Walking is the most natural locomotion of man. By walking, you can interrupt the pain and the back muscles can relax again.

It is not the exercises for back problems that are important, but rather any kind of physical movement. Do not make the mistake of not moving because the movements cause further pain. Try to find the best exercises for yourself. Try different sports and stick with them permanently. You will see that your pain will improve soon.

Sport and exercise will not only soon forget the back problems, but also your quality of life will increase enormously.

Five effective tips to relieve your back problems

Back pain can make life difficult for those affected. There are people who despair of the pain and give up. Do not give up! We give you five tips that will alleviate your back problems.


Targeted training to build up the back muscles is especially important for back pain. It is not effective to do a very extreme sport, but it is better and more effective to integrate every day a little exercise in everyday life. Only you as a sufferer, can defeat your back pain.

Sit correctly

If you have to sit a lot every day, then relieve your back. Again and again, even if it is only for a few minutes, try to press your elbows on the armrests and lift your body. This will relieve the spine and you will notice how pleasant it is.
Always change your position and slide back and forth. If it is possible, get up again and again and take a few steps back and forth.

Straighten your legs

Of course, your legs need legroom. The legs should be a hand's width below the desk. If possible, place your feet on a bench in between.

Don't sit still. Slip into different positions. Once pressed completely against the backrest and then again only on the front edge of the desk chair.

If, on the other hand, you have to stand for a long time, do not stop at one place. Take small steps back and forth, bend down and crouch down. This is how you can prevent possible pain.

Move your head too

Pull your shoulder forward and back, up and down. Let your head circle and stretch it to the ceiling. This allows you to relax the muscles and relieve the pain in the neck.

Strengthen the poor

Grab the edge of the table or another object firmly. Try pulling, pushing or tearing for a few seconds. In this exercise your imagination knows no bounds.

These are our five effective tips that will alleviate your back pain and help you to cope with your everyday life with less pain and perhaps soon completely pain-free. If you also pay attention to an orthopedic mattress, an ergonomic workstation and correct walking, then yours will be Back problems will soon be a thing of the past.

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