Saffron | Spices while cooking

Saffron is also known as the king of spices. Not without reason, because this is the most expensive spice in the world. It is obtained from the flowers of the plant "Crocus Sativus". Only three stamp threads can be harvested per flower.

Saffron - World's Most Expensive Spice and Remedies

For the harvest of one kilo of saffron, up to 200.000 plants are needed.

Saffron - From Crocus sativus
Most expensive spice in the world - obtained from Crocus sativus

Since the threads can not be harvested by machine, here tedious manual work is announced. This is also the reason for the preciousness of this spice.

Saffron was already mentioned in Greek mythology. Legend has it that Zeus slept on a bed of this treasure. Numerous legends spin around the king of spices, but their healing properties are well known and appreciated.

Cultivation areas and distribution of saffron

It is believed that the spice from ancient Crete spread throughout the world. A safe statement regarding the country of origin is not known. Since the delicate plants love special climatic conditions, saffron can not grow anywhere in the world.

Today the most important growing areas are in Iran. India and Greece are the other main saffron producing areas. To a much lesser extent, the spice is cultivated in Morocco and Spain. The quantities here are relatively small with about 1,3 tons per year. Central Europe can also boast its own growing areas. For example, Wachauer saffron and pannonian saffron are cultivated in Austria. Especially interesting is the small village of Mund in Switzerland. Here, this precious spice is grown on an area of ​​about 2.500 square meters. When the harvest is in sight, the whole village comes together to pick.

Healing powers of saffron - myths and legends

The plant is attributed to healing powers, he was in ancient Greece as a proven power means. In antiquity it was said that saffron was reserved only for the gods and kings. They wore clothes dyed with saffron.

The spice is considered to be hemostatic, revitalizing and strengthening the nerves. The stamp colors are used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), but also in domestic naturopathy. In addition, saffron is considered a beauty miracle. Perfume can be made from the stamping threads with the addition of other spices and fragrances.

The plant is valued as a spice for its slightly tart spicy taste. Used sparingly, it gives food a special touch and a reddish color.