Create a sandbox for children in the garden

Romp in the garden, bike excursions followed by a picnic and splash around in the outdoor pool at pleasant temperatures. The warm and summer months of the year are the greatest for the little ones. This requires a sandpit.

Create a sandbox for children in spring

The constant spring often leaves us waiting, which is why the many great outdoor activities are only half as fun or - like a visit to the outdoor pool - are not yet possible.

Create a sandpit yourself in the garden
Create a sandpit yourself in the garden - © leomalsam / Adobe Stock

It is therefore still played in the home nursery and it is particularly important after the long, dreary winter months, that you go with your child as often as possible in the fresh air.

Since there is hardly anything more exciting for the little ones to explore their own garden, city park or forest, very few parents will find it difficult to motivate their children to leave their room for a few hours.

For the time being, you should look for a location for the new sandpit, which is suitable for your child to play for hours in the sand with their buckets and buckets - in other words, a shady spot. In addition to a parasol provide trees provide ideal shade.

A childhood dream in sand

However, with too little distance to it, the roots can damage the sandbox construct or even prevent it from building up right at the beginning. At the same time, the sandbox should be located close to the house so that you can keep an eye on your child while playing.

For the actual construction, a hole must first be lifted out of the ground. A sandbox should be at least 40 cm deep sand can be filled, the bottom of the hole be gravel. The laid out gravel has the advantage that water can flow out of the sandpit.

Interior and exterior construction

For the interior construction, four wooden boards must be screwed into a square. A breathable film, which is also nailed to the inside of the construction, prevents weeds or unpleasant guests from getting into the sand from below. And so disrupt the fun. The outer structure is made from another four wooden boards using the same process.

Since the outer structure should also serve as a seat, the wooden boards can be wider than the actual hole. It is important that the wooden boards are not impregnated! If it rains, the impregnation washes off slightly and washed into the sand. And from which the children bake their cakes diligently and which is then happily tried.

One tip: Douglas fir, robinia and larch are woods that are also unimpregnated very resistant to weathering.

Lower the risk of injury at the sandbox

To ensure that your child does not hurt while playing, sharp edges should be planed. In order to rule out further dangers, the screws that hold the wooden structure together should be deeply embedded in the wood.

Under no circumstances should screws protrude left, right, up or down!

To build a sandpit, you don't need a particularly high level of craftsmanship. But if you play it safe and also want to ensure that a beautiful model adorns the garden in the end, you can of course also get a finished sandpit.

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