Sankt Martin Lied - notes and text

The Feast of St. Martin of Tours will be on 11. Celebrated in November and differently oriented in many regions. Nevertheless, the story of St. Martin and the famous act - sharing the coat - are everywhere present.

Sheet music and text Sankt Martin Lied

For children, the St. Martin's procession is a cause for celebration for a variety of reasons. Such relocations take place in many European countries, although small details may differ regionally. All have in common, however, the procession with the lanterns or torches through the place of residence. The lanterns are either bought or tinkered by kindergarten and school children themselves.

During this parade, people are also accompanied by a mounted St. Martin. The participants sing Martinslieder and are accompanied by music bands.

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Sheet music and text Sankt Martin
Sheet music and text Sankt Martin

Saint Martin song - text


Saint Martin, Saint Martin, Saint Martin
rode through snow and wind,
his horse carried him away swiftly.
Saint Martin rode with easy courage
his coat covers him warm and well. Sitting in the snow, sitting in the snow,
there was a poor man in the snow,
did not have clothes, had rags on.
Oh help me in my distress,
otherwise the bitter frost is my death. Saint Martin, Saint Martin,
Saint Martin pulled the reins in,
his horse stood still with the poor man,
Saint Martin with sword shares
the warm coat undisturbed.

Saint Martin, Saint Martin
Saint Martin gave the half,
the beggar wants to thank him quickly.
But Saint Martin rode in a hurry
away with his coat part.

Saint Martin, Saint Martin,
Saint Martin puts himself to rest
In this dream the Lord enters.
He wears the coat as a dress
his face shines loveliness.Sankt Martin, Saint Martin,
Saint Martin looks at him in astonishment
the Lord shows him the ways.
He introduces him to his church,
and Martin wants to be his disciple. Saint Martin, Saint Martin,
Saint Martin became a priest
and served devoutly at the altar,
that probably adorns him to the grave,
last he carried the crosier.

Saint Martin, Saint Martin,
Saint Martin, oh you man of God,
now hear our pleading
O pray for us in this time
and lead us to blessedness.


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