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There may be children who are not very musical, but this is more related to non-singing than non-singing.Children's songs and make music by simple Rhymes that are associated with a small action, even with the smallest child. And the annual songs to St. Martin also work.

Sheet music and text Sankt Martin Lieder

The Feast of St. Martin of Tours will be on 11. Celebrated in November and differently oriented in many regions. At St. Martin's parade, people are accompanied by a mounted St. Martin. This carries depending on the region the costume of a Roman soldier. The participants sing Martinslieder and are accompanied by bands.

Clicking on a link opens the page with text and notes of the chosen Saint Martin song:

I go with my lantern

Lantern, lantern

Saint Martin song


Please feel free to contact usif you are looking for more notes and lyrics of nursery rhymes. We are happy to add more notes with text in our collection of notes for children's songs. The design of the notes and the child-friendly coloring pages is complex, but if necessary we like to try it.

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