Sauna - relaxation for body and mind

Regular sauna sessions are not only good for your physical health, but also to really relax. Not for nothing did a survey reveal that there are about 5 millions of people in 2 million saunas in Finland. In Germany too, more and more people are swearing by the manifold health-promoting effects on the body, the skin and the mind.

Why is it worth going to the sauna?

Especially during the cold times, it makes sense to have a sauna regularly. Through the sauna, the entire organism and the immune system are strengthened, which can almost no longer affect a pathogenic infection.

Woman relaxes and relaxes naked at spa, spa and body care
Visit a sauna

For people who are increasingly suffering from back pain or tension, it is also recommended to go to the sauna. For best results, the pain patient should lie on his stomach most of the time, so that the heat from the sauna blanket radiates directly onto the back. This not only relaxes the muscles in the back, but also the soul. However, it is not important to lie here all the time, but also to sit in between to keep the circulation stable. Rheumatic problems can also be alleviated by the regular sauna visit.

For certain skin diseases, such as acne, a weekly sauna session should be scheduled. The heat gently dilates the skin pores that are clogged with sebum. This speeds up the healing process a lot.

Sauna is recommended not only for its effect on the body, but also for mental recovery. Many people are increasingly suffering from nervousness and stress, both of which can be successfully broken down by going to the sauna. A sauna visit is also recommended for sleep disorders, as sweating encourages well-being exhaustion, which leads to falling asleep faster and to starting the day well rested in the morning.

The warmth of the sauna has a very positive effect on the whole person. The radiating heat passes through the skin throughout the body and the body's own temperature rises up to 3 ° Celsius. Through this process, all metabolic activities are increased, the circulation is boosted and the body's defenses are naturally strengthened.

Tips for the first sauna visit

• It is important to note before each trip to the sauna that sauna and hurry do not match. For each sauna visit enough time should be planned to relax and recover properly.

• Only a bath towel and sandals should be taken into the sauna. All jewelry should be removed in advance, because they are burning hot and could cause injury. It is also better to leave the glasses outside and to fall back on contact lenses, because the visual aid would fog immediately.

• Most likely, it should be avoided to go hungry in the sauna or to eat before lusciously, as this is not optimal for the circulation. Likewise, alcoholic beverages should not be drunk during a sauna session.

• Those who come out of the hot sauna should not jump directly into the swimming pool, but first slowly cool off in the water and then start to swim.

• On average, 1 and 2 liters of body fluid are lost when you take a sauna, which should then be returned to the body as quickly as possible. This is best suited for still mineral water.

What is the ideal sequence of a sauna session?

Before entering the sauna should be thoroughly showered to rid the body of any sweat. Then dry well, so that the sweat in the sauna is not affected by the residual moisture.

Woman relaxes and relaxes naked at spa, spa, sauna and body care
Expiry of a sauna

At the beginning, a bath towel should be placed in the sauna room on the middle or highest bank, on which the sauna porter can either sit down or lie down. A sauna visit should at best consist of two or three sessions of sauna. The body needs between 8 and 10 minutes to get up to temperature, but should the heat feel uncomfortable before, the gait should be started earlier.

After the first sauna session, we recommend a cool or cold shower followed by an air bath and a 20 minute rest period with hydration. In order to protect the circulation during cold showers, it is recommended to run the water first over the right ankle, over the leg and the arms, and then continue with the left side from top to bottom. Afterwards the sauna can be visited again for 12 to 15 minutes.

Generally it is better to sit in the sauna than to lie down. As a result, not only is the circulation more stable, but the pores also open better. At the first visit to the sauna you should rather use the lowest benches, as it is less hot there.

For whom is the sauna suitable or unsuitable?

Basically, sweating is very healthy. Saunaing is similar to a cleansing fever, which not only activates the body's defenses, but also stimulates blood flow and enhances the work of glands. But there are some risk groups, which should avoid a sauna visit as far as possible.

In pregnant women, who already suffer from a heavily loaded body, the sauna should be avoided, as this can quickly lead to malaise and dizziness. Also in acute diseases of the heart and circulatory system and inflammation of the internal organs and blood vessels no sauna should be done. The same is true for diabetics, as too high heat, the blood sugar levels can drop immensely.

Venous diseases, especially varicose veins or phlebitis, are also an exclusion criterion, as well as increased eye pressure or circulatory disorders in the head. Children under the age of three should not go to the sauna any more than older people who are taking vasodilator drugs or heart medicines.

For all other people it is worthwhile, especially in the winter months, to use the heat in the sauna. It is important only to replenish the fluid loss afterwards.

Sauna after sports?

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Together in the sauna after sports

Especially professional athletes swear by the positive effects of a sauna visit to a sports unit. But all other athletes can use the health-promoting effects on the body for themselves.

By sweating so-called waste materials are removed from the muscles which causes the muscles to relax and thus a muscle soreness is avoided or reduced. Even with minor muscle injuries or tensions, a sauna visit can be helpful.

However, it is important to take a break after exercising for at least 30 minutes and only then to go to the sauna, so that the pulse can normalize in the resting phase. However, it is important to balance the fluid loss caused by the sport beforehand.

However, if you suffer from too high or too low blood pressure, you should consult your doctor before your first sauna visit.

How many sauna sessions are healthy?

A sauna visit should at best consist of two or three sessions of sauna. It always depends on how often the sauna is visited during the week. As a rule of thumb, it can be said that with a single sauna visit in the week three sauna sessions are completed. For two sauna visits a week two sauna sessions should be made and if daily sauna is only a sauna should be done.

It is important to always pay attention to his body and his well-being. How long such a sauna session should last, can generally not be said. We recommend a stay between 10 and 15 minutes, depending on the condition of the body. Generally it can be said that it is better to stay short and hot in the sauna than long and lukewarm.

Sauna and nudity

Naked or dressed in the sauna? This question occupies many people. In Germany, it is common to go naked in the sauna, as it is unpleasant for many sauna visitors, especially in mixed sauna areas, a bath towel can be used to conceal a little.

Twen in Parao for wellness and relaxation
Naked in the sauna

It is advisable for a towel to be tied around the hips of men and for women to wrap their upper body in a bath towel.

Some Saunagänger are of the opinion that it comes by the start of swimwear to an increased bacterial formation. However, this could never be proven with studies. In order to enable people who do not like to be naked in public to visit the sauna, there are so-called "textile saunas" or separate sauna rooms. Also in Finland there is this cultural peculiarity that public nude but always separately and only in the closest family or acquaintance nude communally the sauna is visited.

Whether in mixed or separate sauna rooms, there should always be an arm's length of space to sit next to you. Inappropriate is also the unsolicited squeezing into a gap. Better always ask before, if it is the other right to sit down next to it.

In conclusion, it remains to say that sauna sessions have many health-promoting effects on the entire body and the psyche. It is important to make sure that the sauna is not exaggerated. It is recommended to visit the sauna once a week and to take three sauna sessions. For already diagnosed illnesses, however, the doctor should always be consulted before the first sauna visit.

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