Shadow puzzles for kids - find the matching pair

Shadow puzzles are for eagle eyes! At first glance, the shadows all look the same. But watch out! If you look closely, you will see subtle differences. And only one shadow is exactly like the original.

Shadow puzzles for kids - find the matching shadow

These tricky puzzles require your full attention because you have to look very carefully. Which shadow belongs to which original?

Clicking on the link opens the page with the shadow puzzle. There you can download the riddle for free.

Silhouette cow

shadow puzzle




Shadow puzzle rooster




Shadow Puzzles Animals

Connect figure and
appropriate shade
with a pen

Connect the
matching figures

Shadow puzzle dog - which shadow fits?

Which shadow matches the original?

Shadow puzzle horse - which shadow matches the original?

Which shade fits?

Shadow puzzle bird - which shadow fits the template?

Find the appropriate shadow

At first glance, the shadows all look the same. But only a silhouette fits exactly to the original.

Shadow puzzles support the children's ability to concentrate and look closely. Whether for children who have fun solving puzzles or for children's birthdays as a pastime or competition. Simply download the page with the shadow puzzle and print it out. Free of charge of course!

Do you have ideas for new shadow puzzles? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to try to design a motif of your choice as a shadow puzzle.

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