Snakes as pets

Snakes usually trigger different reactions in humans: disgust or fascination. Those people who are fascinated by the grace of a snake can hardly be satisfied when the legless animals are able to move, only by moving their belly scales.

Heat-loving reptiles: fascination with snakes in terrariums

They then rave about a certain originality of the animals.

Snakes in the terrarium
Snakes in a terrarium

Snakes are, it is basically clear to everyone, not ordinary pets. Already with the nutrition shows that snakes are to be kept completely different than for example hamsters, guinea pigs and dwarf rabbits.

Strikes usually eat only live animals. Even if the food is no longer alive, for example, the administration of thawed daytime chicks or a few-day-old mouse offspring is the rule for some constrictor dogs. Quite different than is usual with the usual domestic breeds, which can be fed in the form of pellets or plastic bowls.

Snake farming means bearing a special responsibility

The keeping of snakes is usually a bit more difficult and more costly than the attitude of a guinea pig. There are also significantly higher costs, z. B. from the electricity costs for the heat lamp (possibly also heating mat) and the more expensive feed together.

Green snake in the terrarium
Green snake in the terrarium

A responsible snake keeper offers his animals the best possible living conditions in his terrarium.

It is important that the terrarium of the snake genus is adapted, because not every snake feels comfortable in the same environment. Soil-dwelling snakes should have terrariums with a larger footprint, while tree snakes feel comfortable in terrariums that tend to go up in height rather than in width.

For the nightly observation of a snake, it makes sense to have a lamp with red light in or on the terrarium, because snakes can not perceive light in this color spectrum and then do not feel disturbed by humans.

As a future snake keeper one must also ensure that the terrarium is well ventilated. Sufficient ventilation can be achieved by means of perforated metal sheet or plastic gauze, securing the ventilation slots. The ideal ventilation scenario envisages the installation of two ventilation openings. On one side in the lower area, on the opposite side in the upper area.

Most snake species need a hiding place to retire for rest periods. Depending on the type of snake, suitable climbing facilities, heated sunbathing areas and a watering hole, which may also be used by the snake as bathing facilities, also belong to the appropriate facility.


Anyone who wishes to keep lines that fall into the categories "toxic" and / or "over 3 meters in size" must be approved by the responsible public order office. When dealing with poisonous snakes, it is also recommended to have an effective counter serum in the house to be able to take countermeasures during a bite.

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