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When summery temperatures recommend beautiful sandals as the footwear of choice to your bare feet, then it's the same as every year: show your feet! And we give tips for chic jewelry for the feet.

Jewelry for the feet - well-groomed feet like chic jewelry

Jewelry for feet - jewelry chains and more
Jewelry for the feet

Anyone who can now flash well-groomed and pedicured toes and comes along on gentle and delicate peach paw, is clearly at an advantage. Both cosmetically and aesthetically

But the ground-level fashion trend is by no means exhausted for trendy and stylish feet with the matching nail polish or the shoe of the Manitu.

For what pretty hands is right, is brisk feet cheap: chic jewelry!

But how should jewelery be for the feet? And what must be paid attention to in this brilliant summer trend?

Anklets should not become catchers

A sparkling in the sun anklet keeps causing a sensation with every style icon. The chain lies casually on the ankle and sparkles the eye of the benevolent spectator.

If the matching swaying gait is not affected, the sexy Eva did everything right. However, some beginner beginners do not consider that the circumference of the decorated ankle is very much related to the tension.

Anklet as a jewelry for feet
Anklet as a jewelry for feet

That's easy to see: if you pull the toe up as far as possible, the ankle takes its largest extent. If you let go of the foot again, you notice the clear difference.

It follows: An anklet may not cut even if the foot is strongly tense. And this in turn implies that the length of the anklet must be determined by the circumference of the ankle in the extreme case. Otherwise, the accessory will quickly become a nightmare.

toe rings

Well-groomed toes have the same fashionable fun of wrestling as manicured fingers. But they make other demands on the jewelry because the anatomical conditions are not comparable on all levels.

For this reason rings with variable ring rail are absolutely recommendable for the feet. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that the design of the toe rings has neither sharp edges and points, nor expansive reliefs. Because here lurks a literally exhausting injury potential that is avoidable.

Painted tattoos as jewelry for the feet

Jewelry for the feet that does not scrub and only stays for a summer? No problem with tattoos that are not permanent. Once again, here are the hands of godfather. Who is interested in this form of foot beautification should google for Mehndi. Because Henna has it in the foot area in itself!


Beautiful feet, individual jewelry is always good to face. It does not matter if it's made of gold, silver or plant colors. There's always something going on.

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