Snow Maiden White Skirt - Notes and Text

The tradition of singing Christmas carols at home with family and children, or in school and kindergarten, is not very old. Only from about the 18. Century sing in the family circle and only since the 19. Century knows one in Germany songs from other countries.

Sheet music and text Snowflake White Skirt

Singing and making music together and around Christmas creates a beautiful, very special and unique atmosphere. Not only children of all ages enjoy it. The more often the songs are repeated or heard during this time, the better the text sits. If you can play an instrument, you can play an accompaniment. By clicking on the picture, the coloring sheet with notes and text of the Christmas carol opens in pdf format

Sheet music and text Snowflake White Skirt
Sheet music and text Snowflake White Skirt


Snowflake White Skirt - Text

Snowflake whitedress,
when are you snowing?
You live in the clouds,
your way is so far.

Come sit by the window
you lovely star,
paint flowers and leaves,
we like you

Snowflake, you cover us
the Blümelein,
then they sleep safely
in heavenly peace.

Snowflake whitedress,
come to us in the valley.
Then we build the snowman
and throw the ball.


Noten von Weihnachtslied Snowflake Open Weißröckchen as a graphic file


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for further notes and texts for children's songs. We are happy to add more sheet music with text to our collection of sheet music for children's songs. Designing the sheet music with child-friendly coloring pictures is time-consuming, but we would be happy to try if necessary.

2 thoughts on "Snow Maiden White Skirt - Notes and Text"

  1. It is a great pleasure for me to discover that there are still people with German songs
    This applies to the Christmas carols as well as to the children's songs.
    Unfortunately, this is little or no longer taken care of in the kindergartens and elementary schools, and the beautiful German fairy tales are also being forgotten.
    My grandchildren, aged 10 and 13, also know extremely little about this
    is there no longer any interest in this traditional cultural asset because it is German?

    mfG Peter ceiling

    1. Hello Mr. Blanket,

      good morning and thank you for your lovely contribution. Fairy tales have unfortunately been more and more forgotten, partly because they are supposed to be so brutal. We have summarized what we think of fairy tales here:

      But what you have to keep in mind today is that instead of the classic fairy tales there are simply a lot more child-friendly children's books for all age groups and all kinds of interests, so that fairy tales are no longer needed as much as they used to be. Self promotion:

      Everything has its time.

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