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Most women have many more shoes than men, but why are they left in the closet for a long time without being worn? For example, an online survey found that women have on average twice as many pairs of shoes as men.

Women and Shoes - One of the great puzzles of the universe

In women's shoe cabinets are, according to the survey of the 17 pair of shoes, the men are only about the 8 pair. But why is that? Is that why women prefer to go shopping? Surely this is one of the reasons for the enormous difference, but according to psychologists there is a very different cause hidden.

Woman Buying Shoes
Women and shoes

Why do many women wear a shoe?

Not only the amount of women's shoes is noticeable in the survey, but also the fact that many shoes are not worn at all. Women like to go shopping, and when they want to change or have problems, first gear is often in the mall.

The fact that they often buy shoes but do not wear them is hard for a man to understand. Because these shy rather the shopping and let their feelings and emotions on other occasions out, for example, during sports or a bottle of beer while watching football with the pals.

By buying new shoes, they can express their dreams and feelings. This is similar to the change in the hairstyle, which is also often done by women if they want to change.

Why are the purchased shoes often not worn?

But why do not many women wear their shoes? According to a psychologist, the purpose of shoes is not to wear them, but to own them and slip them in when they have sorrow. Simply feeling the feel of a new shoe is very important to women.

In addition, a reason to buy new shoes, to follow the current trend. So it may be that a celebrity on TV wearing a shoe from the new collection of a well-known designer and your wife wants to have exactly this. Here, too, men and women differ, because men usually do not care who wears what on TV and whether a new collection has come onto the market.

Another reason for women's shoe sting is to reward themselves. For example, if an important hurdle has been overcome, such as successfully passing an exam or achieving promotion.

Shoes fit - even with increase

One might wonder why it is just shoes that women buy when they want a change. This is actually quite easy to explain, because shoes always fit, even if the weight has increased.

High heels with penny heels
high heels

Clothes, jeans or tops, on the other hand, may be too tight, which in turn can lead to frustration. In addition, there are not really the dreaded problem areas on the feet. And if a place is not so nice, closed shoes can be bought.

Why are pumps and high heels so popular?

In addition to various other shoes, pumps and high heels are especially popular with women. They make the legs look longer and slimmer, a fact that is very important to women. So a little sense of glamor comes along, similar to how the stars on the red carpet to strut, even if it is in this case more of their own hallway.

Italian shoes have a long tradition

Italy is one of the nations with a long history in shoe manufacturing. With great care, the Italian shoes are produced manually. At first, it was just single pairs produced by simple Italian shoemakers.

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Italian shoes are characterized by elegance

Today, they are manufactured by machine for cost reasons, but even these pallets are still made with the typical Italian love and care to footwear. The clientele comes from all corners of the world. If you do not want to buy shoes directly in Italy, you can also order online or try the high-quality Italian boots, sandals, slippers etc. in the local specialty shop around the corner.

Italian shoes have always been of excellent quality. They are processed perfectly. Selected leathers also ensure a long shelf life. Timelessly beautiful models are perfect for a business or evening outfit. In addition to the shoes is also particularly chic clothes from Italy, which is considered the country of origin of fashion. Therefore, especially the garments and shoes of well-known brands, such as Gucci or Prada are very popular. But also couples of Salvatore Ferragamo and Bruno Magli make the hearts beat especially the ladies.

What makes Italian shoes different from others?

The Italian shoe fashion can be described in a few words: high quality, elegant, noble. Customers all over the world rely on "Made in Italy" footwear. In the past, this footwear was a real status symbol, today customers are looking forward to the exquisite workmanship. Once it was noble gentlemen who showed their wealth and reputation with Italian shoes. Even then, the models were made of the finest calf or goat leather, which is considered very stretchy, insensitive and breathable.

Men as well as women associate with Italy but also passion, sensuality and attractiveness. Whether customers choose sporty sneakers, flat ballerinas, high heels or sexy high heels, they all reflect the typical Italian character. The country has not stopped developing for a long time. State-of-the-art manufacturing processes ensure that the shoes can be produced customized to the customer's feet. As a leisure and as a business shoe, the models from Italy are as good as for atmospheric parties.

Women's shoes at a glance

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