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The satchel is of course the heart of every beginning of school. Whether purple, blue or yellow, with pirates or unicorns, the main thing is that the satchel like the child. As a parent, however, we know that optics when buying a ranz is only half the battle. After all, the satchel must survive at least the first four primary school years.

Eyes open at the satchel purchase!

It goes without saying that we parents have much greater requirements for the first satchel of our children.

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What to look for when buying a satchel

So, if your child has already chosen his dream wreath, you should check this model based on the criteria described below. In addition, you should not buy the satchel of your child too late, because quickly coveted models are sold out and the frustration of your child is correspondingly large!

What to look for when buying the satchel

Very important is first of all the seal of approval. The satchel should conform to NORM DIN 58124. This ensures that the new satchel is also waterproof, practical and safe. You can recognize the socks that meet this standard, the standard label or the TÜV seal.

Also pay attention to reflectors and fluorescent colors. Your child may need to start running in winter when it is still dull. Dark colors without reflectors are poorly seen by motorists, so the backpack should definitely have this protection. The reflectors throw back the light of the car headlights and ensure that your child is clearly visible. The wider and larger the reflectors, the better, especially if the satchel is not bright yellow or orange.

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Comfort while wearing

Of course, it is also very important that the satchel sits comfortably, especially if your child has to walk to school for a long time or go by bus. The satchels are often very heavy against the regulation, so a bad fit can also lead to back problems and even damage. The risers should therefore be at least four inches wide and well padded.

An ergonomically shaped satchel back is also an important criterion in the satchel purchase. It should be in several parts of the body and be well padded like the straps. The satchel should never protrude beyond the back of the child.

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Tips for Satchel buying

It's best to do a test run in the shop with a stocked satchel. So your child can also better estimate how a full satchel feels on the back.

Satchels with side pockets and easy-to-close lid

If the satchel fulfills all the above points, that is a good prerequisite. If the selected satchel still has side pockets, nothing stands in the way of the purchase.

The side pockets are designed for water bottles. Because not all bottles are as dense as the instructions for use make us believe. In order to avoid flooding in books and books and books remain dry and clean, the water bottle should not be stowed in the satchel itself, but in the outer pockets.

Last but no less important point is the Closure of the satchel, Your child should be able to open it easily and quickly, even that can be tested in the shop. Last but not least, there is really only the right motive - luckily there are no rules to follow!