Tinker school bag yourself | First day of school

You can easily make the right school bag yourself. Because often the shops do not have the right thing for your child or they have very specific ideas about exactly what motifs should be on the school bag.

Make the right school bag yourself

Making school bags yourself is also a way to show the child how important it is to start school. Because everyone can buy!

School bag / sugar bag coloring pageOften the kindergarten also offers handicrafts for school bags, but not every kindergarten child is lucky.

If you are on your own, that's no problem either. There are also great books on the Internet and in bookstores with suggestions on this topic. Sometimes it is enough to look at the suggestions to come up with your own ideas.

Make your own materials for school bags

Of course, things like glue, scissors or hot glue should not be missing. Furthermore, you need sturdy cardboard paper in DIN A1 (sometimes there are also prefabricated, especially for Schultütenbastler!) And about 2 sample paper sheets in DIN A1 or A2 (which will later be glued to the cardboard paper).

It is important to pay attention to good quality in this box, because after all, the tinkered school bag is filled plenty afterwards. To decorate the school bag, wide gift belt is suitable as a hem and of course fabric (preferably gauze fabric) to close the school bag at the end of prying eyes.

And then of course you need all things for the motive. Depending on the desire of children, this can be very different. Some girls would like to have a mermaid design (a net would be funny in addition to the gauze fabric), a boy might be happy about a lion ensemble - here you can make the tinkered school bag with a bit of faux fur on the hem Make special!

Here's how it works: Stick the bag

After you get the materials for making the school bag, you're ready to start. The sturdy, white cardboard paper is the basis of the school bag. Since this cardboard is often colorless, you should first stick it to the sample sheets.

Depending on which motif the school bag has, the color of the pattern sheets should be chosen. Blue for pirates or mermaids, green for football pitches, colorful for Pippi Longstocking. When crafting the school bag you should make sure that no waves are created when the pattern paper is glued to the cardboard.

Let it dry for at least one and a half hours. The carton is then rolled up like an ice cream cone. Attached and durable is the school bag, if you glue the edges with hot glue and additionally use a stapler! Remember that the tinkered school bag must be absolutely stable, nothing would be worse on the first day of school, as if the bag in the middle of the school celebration breaks or tears!

Here's how it's done: decorate and shape

Once the school bag has been tinkered and stable, it continues.

Draw a border (5-10 centimeters, if you like) from the top around the bag. Then the fabric is glued on. First put the rest in the bag and then glue on the previously marked border the gift ribbon border or the coat (for lion or cat bags) or the net (for sea-animal or mermaid bags) over the fabric.

There are no limits to your creativity in the choice of materials. Now you can get out of the tinker school bag the fabric again.


Finally, it is tied together after filling the school bag with the gift ribbon. Now you can start calmly with the subject. Suggestions can be obtained as described in part one on the Internet or in books!

Here is room for opinions, criticism, suggestions or thanks :-)