Protection against sunburn and its consequences

Summer time is vacation time and a great opportunity to do all sorts of outdoor activities. Young and old should not forget to rub in with enough sunscreen. But why protection from sunburn is so important, why do you have to protect your skin from too much sun exposure and what's the best way to do it?

Lack of protection against sunburn and its consequences

The UV radiation contained in sunlight damages the skin whenever it is exposed too long. Among other things, this can cause painful sunburns, in which the skin becomes very sensitive to pressure.

Sunburn on vacation
Protection against sunburn

And also allergic reactions are possible.

Sunburns are particularly dangerous, but especially because they can cause long-term health damage, such as skin cancer.

The right safeguards

On holiday, it is of course particularly easy to get a sunburn, because it is very often only lightly dressed on the way.

In addition, one often forgets that it is possible to get a sunburn even in cloudy skies or in partial shade. Permanent protection measures are therefore indispensable when traveling to warm countries. An easy way to protect yourself from the sun is to wear fully clothed clothing.

Protection from the sun is important

Because this is not always pleasant in hot temperatures, it should be as light and air permeable as possible. This does not make you sweat when you move a bit. Sun hats are also part of the wardrobe or as an alternative a parasol.

Wear only a swimsuit, a swimsuit or bikini, you should resort to a sunscreen, which has a high SPF. Whether full or lightly dressed, you should never forget the sunglasses, so that the eyes are protected from excessive radiation. If you follow these simple rules, you can now go on vacation!

Once you become a lobster

If the skin is red like a boiled lobster, you know you've been in the sun too long. So what to do if it has hit you once and the skin is burning and itching? Cooling creams and lotions moisturize and help the skin recover.

Protection against sunburn
Sunburn limits the holiday joy

Often, products containing aloe vera or chamomile are recommended. Which help best, is also dependent on the skin type, which is why it may be advantageous to have more creams in the range. What is also well suited for pain relief, are cool envelopes or showers. In addition, you should drink a lot to relieve the stressed skin.

For moderate and severe sunburns, it is advisable to get anti-inflammatory drugs from a doctor. Home remedies are generally recommended only limited. It is often advised to rub Quark on the affected areas during a sunburn.

Although this cools mostly pleasant, but can also lead to infections or allergic reactions because of the existing bacteria, which only makes the situation worse.

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