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Switzerland - official name "Swiss Confederation" is a democratic state in Europe and includes linguistically German, French, Italian and Romansh areas.

How many cantons does Switzerland have and what are their names?

Switzerland is divided into 26 cantons with the following major cities:

  • Aargau, capital Aarau
  • Appenzell Outer Rhodes, capital of Herisau
  • Appenzell Inner Rhodes, capital Appenzell
  • Basel-Land, capital Liestal
  • Basel city, capital Basel
  • Bern, capital Bern
  • Friborg Freiburg, capital city Friborg / Freiburg
  • Geneve / Geneva, capital Geneve / Geneva
  • Glarus, capital Glarus
  • Grisons / Grischuns / Grigioni, capital Chur
  • Law, capital Delsberg
  • Lucerne, capital Lucerne
  • Neuchâtel / Neuchâtel, capital Neuchâtel
  • Nidwalden, capital of Stans
  • Obwalden, capital of Sarnen
  • St.Gallen, capital St. Gallen
  • Schaffhausen, capital Schaffhausen
  • Schwyz, capital Schwyz
  • Solothurn, capital Solothurn
  • Thurgau, capital Frauenfeld
  • Ticino / Ticino, capital of Bellinzona
  • Uri, capital Altdorf
  • Vaud / Vaud, capital of Lausanne
  • Valais / Wallis, capital Sion / Sion
  • Train, capital train
  • Zurich, capital of Zurich

The cantons of Switzerland in the overview

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Map of Switzerland with cantons

Map of Switzerland with cantons

How many countries are bordering on Switzerland?

Switzerland has 5 contiguous neighboring countries:

  • Austria
  • Italian
  • Liechtenstein
  • France
  • Germany

More maps of Switzerland

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Political map of Switzerland without designation with neighboring states
Political map of Switzerland without designation with neighboring states

Switzerland political map
Political map of Switzerland without names without neighboring countries

Map of Switzerland to edit
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Map of Switzerland with cantons
Map of Switzerland for smaller children

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2 thoughts on “Switzerland Cantons | Map map "

  1. Switzerland has no capital.
    Switzerland has (only) one federal city.
    The "government" (= Federal Council) has its seat in Bern.
    The “highest court” (= federal court) has its seat in Lausanne.
    Because government and court are not based in the same place,
    it is called “federal city” and not “capital”.

    The same is also the case in the Netherlands:
    Amsterdam = seat of government / The Hague = seat of court

    1. Hello, thank you very much for your reference, but we have not declared Bern as the capital of Switzerland anywhere but only as the capital of the canton of Bern. And that seems correct, doesn't it?

      On our side with the map of Europe we have also listed the special roles of Bern and Amsterdam / The Hague. The comparison with the Netherlands is incomplete, because despite the separation you correctly quoted, Amsterdam is officially the capital of the Netherlands.

      In addition, please allow us to quote from Wikipediea: “Because Bern fulfills all the central functions of a capital in a modern understanding of the state, the City Council of Bern (city government) has recently increasingly used the term“ capital ”. In French-speaking and Italian-speaking Switzerland, Bern is also colloquially referred to as "Capitale", i.e. "Capital". The official designation in these languages ​​is "Ville fédérale" or "Città federale" "

      So please check our blurriness for us.

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