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Switzerland - official name "Swiss Confederation" is a democratic state in Europe and linguistically includes German, French, Italian and Rhaeto-Romanic areas.

How many cantons does Switzerland have and what are their names?

Switzerland is divided into 26 cantons with the following major cities:

  • Aargau, capital Aarau
  • Appenzell Outer Rhodes, capital of Herisau
  • Appenzell Inner Rhodes, capital Appenzell
  • Basel-Land, capital Liestal
  • Basel city, capital Basel
  • Bern, capital Bern
  • Friborg Freiburg, capital city Friborg / Freiburg
  • Geneve / Geneva, capital Geneve / Geneva
  • Glarus, capital Glarus
  • Grisons / Grischuns / Grigioni, capital Chur
  • Law, capital Delsberg
  • Lucerne, capital Lucerne
  • Neuchâtel / Neuchâtel, capital Neuchâtel
  • Nidwalden, capital of Stans
  • Obwalden, capital of Sarnen
  • St.Gallen, capital St. Gallen
  • Schaffhausen, capital Schaffhausen
  • Schwyz, capital Schwyz
  • Solothurn, capital Solothurn
  • Thurgau, capital Frauenfeld
  • Ticino / Ticino, capital of Bellinzona
  • Uri, capital Altdorf
  • Vaud / Vaud, capital of Lausanne
  • Valais / Wallis, capital Sion / Sion
  • Train, capital train
  • Zurich, capital of Zurich

The cantons of Switzerland in the overview

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Map of Switzerland with cantons

Map of Switzerland with cantons

How many countries are bordering on Switzerland?

Switzerland has 5 contiguous neighboring countries:

  • Austria
  • Italy
  • Liechtenstein
  • France
  • Germany

More maps of Switzerland

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Political map of Switzerland without designation with neighboring states
Political map of Switzerland without designation with neighboring states

Switzerland political map
Political map of Switzerland without names without neighboring countries

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Map of Switzerland with cantons
Map of Switzerland for smaller children


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