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In principle, the most important point of masturbation is that it is completely natural. Masturbation even exists in the animal kingdom, so it's nothing to be ashamed of. In addition, each person is quite individual, that is, there is not a recipe for all.

What is meant by masturbation?

Therefore, everything counts to self-satisfaction, which gives a personal pleasure gain, without a partner is involved. This can be achieved by using one's own hands or certain sextoys, often supported by erotic fantasies, literature, pictures or movies.

Masturbation even fulfills an important purpose in its development, especially for adolescents: By exploring one's own desire, they develop a positive relationship with their own body during puberty and thus learn what sexual needs they have. In addition, in the masturbation, as well as during sexual intercourse, happiness hormones are released, so that it can also serve to reduce stress.

How does masturbation for men?

Masturbation for men is relatively easy. For most men, it is enough to stimulate the penis to reach climax. For this purpose, the shaft is covered with one hand, the strength of the handle depends entirely on your own preferences, and appropriate up and down movement ensures the right excitement.

Masturbation in the man

Important here is the use of suitable lubricant to avoid soreness. Intensity and tempo can be increased slowly, or varied over and over again.

However, there are also so-called masturbators for men, which are modeled on a real vagina. These rubber caves sometimes feel more, sometimes less lifelike, and are sometimes additionally equipped with pimples for extra stimulation or even with small vibration units.

Of course, men can also extend their pleasure: Special penis rings prevent the blood from flowing out of the erectile tissue after the climax. The erection remains for a second round.

It is advisable to also keep ready a handkerchief, after all, you would hardly have to sprint into the bathroom right after the climax. Certain methods from the media, for example the use of apple pie or vacuum cleaner tubes, are not recommended for hygienic reasons by the way. If you want to include items, you should only resort to suitable sextoys, because only these guarantee that no health hazards arise. After use, these toys should be cleaned accordingly.

Special tingling promises in men the stimulation of the P-spot, a few inches inside on the anterior wall of the anus. Some men can experience purely through this stimulation without touching the penis an intense orgasm - here, just worth trying. However, here is a cautious approach appropriate, because the anus must first get used to the unusual treatment. To meet the P-point perfectly, there are specially preformed toys, sometimes even with vibration units.

A special plus offers the masturbation for men's health: A regular ejaculation, whether by masturbation or intercourse, prevents future prostate problems.

How is masturbation for women?

For women, the masturbation is a bit more complex, since not every woman immediately reacts to certain touches. Often a pure massage of the pubic area is not enough. It is advisable to stimulate the clitoris and vagina at the same time for maximum pleasure - and, if possible, the G-spot also with it.

Masturbation wife

This is located on the front inner wall of the vagina. He can be reached with his finger, but it is easier with special, preformed sextoys. Ideally, these toys should also vibrate, then for women in the masturbation quite a multiple orgasm possible.

As a general rule, the intensity and pace of the touch should be slowly increased. Some erogenous zones of the woman are better supplied with increasing excitement, and their touch feels really good only after a while. In addition, women are only really wet from a certain level - for the beginning may therefore be quite appropriate to use lubricants.

Many women find additional anus stimulation, for example through an anal plug, very exciting. That should be relaxed and tested with lots of lubricant. Everything is possible, nothing is neccesary. Very tingling can also be a simultaneous stimulation of the nipples, for example with braces or the fingers of a free hand.

There are many different masturbation aids for women. The spectrum ranges from simple dildo to vibrator to complicated equipment where women can literally ride to climax. In most cases, however, two hands or just a dildo or vibrator are sufficient.

When using the hands you should make sure that the fingernails have no sharp edges and necessarily clean your hands before masturbation.

Especially women who have difficulty reaching orgasm in normal sex benefit from getting better acquainted with their erogenous zones during masturbation. With some experience, they can gently point out the partner during sexual intercourse, which parts he should stimulate in what way and to bring them to an intense climax.

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