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The subject of self-satisfaction within a relationship is certainly one of the most sensitive topics of sexuality in a partnership.

Different definitions of masturbation

While in the single time it is usually the only option for sexual relaxation, for many people it goes without saying that in a relationship, one finds fulfillment only with one's partner.

Masturbation in the partnership
Is Masturbation in Partnership Fraud to Partner or Partner?

For not a few people, it is bordering on fraud when the partner satisfies himself in a relationship. The topic should be tackled with much more relaxation.

For most people, masturbation is an essential part of their own sexuality. It not only serves the exploration of one's own body, a deep sense of well-being in the sexual sense, but in some cases simply the release of proverbial pressure.

After all, it has been scientifically proven that an orgasm, especially in stressful times, can have a strong relaxing effect on the body and the mind. If you have not been in a relationship for a long time, you have usually used self-satisfaction for a long time to find relaxation and excitement.

Changing to a partnership also changes the sexuality

The change in the partnership is therefore often directly to do with a strong change within the sex life

Especially at the beginning of the relationship, most people have so much sex that self-gratification is no longer necessary and is completely replaced by closeness to the partner. But that can change in the course of a relationship.

If everyday life begins and the frequency of sex decreases, it is quite possible that a partner reaches for the means of masturbation again. The reasons for this are quite diverse. On the one hand, there may be more desire. Problematic phases in a relationship, especially due to stress, are normal. Nevertheless, for many people, sex and satisfaction are basic needs. The question is how to handle this thing as a partner.

Partnership & Sexuality
Masturbation despite partner?

Is masturbation cheating on the partner?

The only real problem with this topic is that, as so often, it is not talked about. While either partner may consider masturbation as a perfectly legitimate way to relieve stress, the other side of the partnership is a fraud on the relationship.

After all, it could indicate a lack of attractiveness, lack of listlessness in terms of having sex together, or simply a symptom of incipient disinterest in the relationship. Because not for everyone is the masturbation a pure act of short excitement.

For them it is associated with much more intimacy and a plot of deep intimacy should be shared in a relationship with the partner. There are also aspects such as pornography, which are often used for masturbation and reinforce the feeling of fraud.

As so often in a relationship, the solution to such a problem lies in the middle - and in the communication between the partners.

Talking about masturbation together

Masturbation is for many people normality and a normal part of one's life. According to surveys even couples with a lot of sex often have the desire to "lay hands on themselves".

The reasons are, as mentioned above, varied and usually have nothing to do with dissatisfaction with the partner or the sex life. It is only important that one talks with the partner about the topic and clears up any uncertainties caused by such a situation quickly.

Masturbation does not have to be a problem, because people who satisfy themselves usually have a better body sensation as well. This benefits the common sex and makes it even better. If you talk to your partner about this topic, you can make an important step in your own relationship.

5 thoughts on "Masturbation in the partnership | Sexuality"

  1. The problem is just the masturbation, if the sex suffers and you no longer feel like the partner. If you can not control this problem yourself, get help. Otherwise, the partnership will suffer greatly. For sex is part of a partnership just like that. One should not worry that one is not good enough for the partner just because he satisfies himself. If it does burden you with the topic but you should talk to the partner and because of it.

  2. Masturbation is no different from having sex with someone you love. It's that simple. No one needs to be angry with the other. And the men stay healthy.

  3. As long as sex does not suffer from masturbation, it is fine to satisfy oneself. You can live out your own fantasies and immerse yourself in another world. And feel yourself again. Satisfying yourself is also very relaxing and relieving stress

  4. If you are self-satisfied in the partnership, it does not mean that the sex with the partner does not fit. One may and should also have sex with oneself. Or if the partner is not there right now and you just feel like it. Why not ? You do not have to have a guilty conscience to your partner. Because you did not cheat him.

  5. Many people think that masturbation is bad. But how else to get to know his body? How should the partner know what you like, who you do not know yourself? The masturbation helps us to find out what we like. Only then can our sex be good too.

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