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The term sexting is composed of the words sex and texting respectively and includes the dissemination of erotic content via Whatsapp or social networks like Facebook. In a broader sense, sexting also includes posting and sharing photos in questionable poses as well as the private parts.

Sexting - A dangerous trend among teenagers

This youth trend is now regarded as extremely questionable, since the sent or uploaded photos often fall into the wrong hands.

Sexting - The virtual striptease
Online Trend Sexting - The Virtual Striptease

Not infrequently, the images intended for friends or any other person end up on pornographic sites, which are used by the providers without the personal consent.

Basically, any sent message with intimate content is a danger, because affected from this moment mostly powerless and no longer have control over a potential retransmission.

Why is sexting so popular among young people?

Especially adolescents in puberty tend to want to prove something to other peers. Often, erotic content is then sent out among friends to showcase the virtues of their bodies and to praise them.

In this way, young people increase their self-esteem and thus benefit from sexting. In addition, sending erotic content is used primarily in relationships to show the partner his love and sexual arousal.

Sexting can be a serious threat to those affected

Of course, sexting poses some dangers for the users, since these are mainly young people. As you know, relationships do not last too long at this age and can therefore be used by one party to pressure the other. In this context, the publication of the photos is often threatened, mostly on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

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Conclusion - watch out, where you reveal something about yourself!

But even unintentionally it can come to sending the contents, if the Whatsapp message, for example, was accidentally sent to several people. In addition, received photos are often stored automatically, which can lead to the embarrassing situation when showing his gallery to show intimate images of third persons.

The possession of nude pictures of underage persons is therefore a serious threat, as this can already be considered a case of child pornography.

How can you protect yourself as the receiver or consignor against the dangers as far as possible?

As a sender is before sending the erotic content increased control. You should check the recipient line twice and pay attention to the phone settings.

For example, when uploading images to Facebook, the audience can be specified. In addition, the intimals should not show the face or special features, so that it is not damaged in a distribution as a victim. If one receives on Sexting nude pictures, one should delete the photo in spite of the possibly existing attractiveness immediately.

By this measure one is no longer in possession of (child) pornographic content and therefore definitely on the safe side. In addition, the risk of unwanted publication in case of misuse of the smartphone by friends or loss.

Concluding conclusion - do not underestimate sexting!

Sexting is recklessly used by too many young people, which greatly increases the risk of unwanted dissemination. Of course, as a teenager, you are more likely to be pressured by friends and therefore send intimate photos from peer pressure.

Nevertheless, no one would like to appear on pornographic websites without their own consent and thus may literally be naked in front of millions of people.

Therefore, it is important to at least observe the dangers of sexting and to take corresponding measures. You should always pay attention to whom you actually send the photos and whether you accidentally due to the Smartphone settings automatically lists all contacts as recipients. Particularly recommended is the sending of erotic content that makes you unrecognizable and neither the face nor other typical features.

In the end, there is always a threat, so you should at least question the need for this youth trend.

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