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Sex counseling helps with intimate questions: am I still normal with what gives me pleasure? Am I the only person who experiences excitement like this? Who should you seriously ask such a thing?

Sexual advice taboo?

Is it sick or abnormal how I feel because I don't swim with the mainstream when it comes to sex?

Sex counseling anonymously
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Such questions can gnaw at the ego and burn in the soul. Especially when you really have to experience yourself as an absolute outsider beyond any social understanding. As is often the case with objectophilia, for example.

But who can and should one talk about these extremely private and highly personal problems? And how can you keep your face and your dignity? The answer to this is in every respect the qualified sexual adviser.

Confidentiality ensures security

Because sexual counseling involves the most intimate details and the most delicate details, one must be able to fully rely on the unconditional discretion of the knowledgeable and sensitive sexual adviser.

This is always the case if the advice is provided by a specialist in sexual medicine or by a trained and certified psychological sexual advisor. Because both the doctor and the qualified and academically trained psychologist are generally subject to professional confidentiality.

For self-appointed consultants who can not prove a university degree or any other meaningful qualification, one should be rather skeptical with regard to the sensitive issue.

And please be extremely careful with providers who simply call themselves “psychologists”. Because this designation is not protected by law, which is why anyone can use and thus abuse it at will. Should the “psychologist” neither have a real university degree nor provide a reliable proof of training - please stay away!

Anonymity through the phone or the network

Those who stick with the motto “Don't trust anyone” will appreciate the anonymous options offered by telephone or internet communication. In fact, you can also get qualified sexual advice over the anonymous telephone line or through reputable online portals.

Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult for the layman to distinguish an outrageous and degrading expensive rip-off from a competent advisory service. If you want to cover yourself halfway here, google for "Sexual advice on the Internet" and then put the search results listed there through their paces.

Of course, inquisitive people can also run to the front, and join a corresponding Internet forum, in which the lived inclinations theme and the very special drives are not a taboo. This combines anonymity with exploration. And you can get to know new partners for the old vices with a little luck.

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