Sexuality and role playing

In times when everything is allowed and nothing shocks anymore, it can be hard to experience and experience eroticism. The constant overstimulation has made most people dull of eroticism and sexuality. It lacks the breath of the forbidden, from which the erotic get-together once lived.

Love, lust and - game

But man in his ingenuity is a source of constant innovation and renewal. So it has also managed to breathe new life into eroticism.
You had to search for something, but you still found things that are more or less taboo and that are therefore surrounded by the aura of the mysterious and forbidden.

Sexuality and role playing
Sexuality and role playing

The half-life of relationships is getting shorter and shorter, which may not least be due to the already mentioned blunting of sexuality.

So it's up to the couple not only to find a consensus in everyday questions, with which everyone can live well, but also to constantly reinvent and define themselves in a sexual way.

More often something new, so to speak.

Everyone has imagination, but not only imagination, but also fantasies, erotic fantasies to be more specific. Something abstract or concrete that brings the individual already a pleasure gain, if it only thinks about it. Often, these erotic longings remain unfulfilled because they are not communicated openly and understandably with the partner. But that does not have to be, because even the partner has secret sexual desires, which he would like to live out.

It's a chance for a couple here to help each other catapult themselves to the next level of eroticism - and it does not take much more than a brief conversation.

Normally, most secret desires are rare ... but who wants to be normal? Nobody! Certainly, some fantasies are more common than others, but all are equally valuable and equally worth trying.

Courage for the new here is the keyword

Many couples are often surprised at how much fun they can find in the new sexual practices and the strong positive effects that a more satisfying sex life can have on everyday life.

Shackles, whips, pleasure

A common sexual fantasy of many people involves bondage of all kinds. And that is not a new development. It has been proven that bondage and the like through the entire tangible history of mankind were a demonstrable sexual phenomenon.

Dominance & BDSM
Dominance in sexuality

In the pragmatic Middle Ages as well as in extravagant ancient Rome or the even earlier cultures of the Mesopotamia, it was nothing too surprising to get a special erotic allure by the bondage of the partner or to be tied up by himself.

The methods to tie someone are extremely numerous and also where can bring an immense pleasure.

As a newcomer to the world of erotic bondage games, you should probably take it easy at first. That does not mean that it can not be wild! Only one should perhaps not immediately with full steam ahead trying to enter the matter, but slowly approaching. Because sometimes too much enthusiasm can put an end to the experiment early - and you should not let something potentially so beautiful really be messed up by being too harsh. The strenght is to be found in serenity.

The best way to start at home and there best of all in bed. Because the domestic bed usually offers the best bondage options. Bed posts, head and foot are just as useful as the legs of the bed or the frame.

Also, the choice of the medium, with which one intends to tie his opponent should be well planned. It is best to climb in with a softer material. A nice scarf maybe or a soft rope - leather and flax will still have time later (and also require a bit more practice).

No too tight knots at the beginning. Even if the partner should beg for it. Sometimes it happens that newbies do not get the knots open anymore ... when used correctly, they can pull the knots on their own during the act. That's why there's certainly nothing wrong with it.

That is why it is right at the beginning: Everything is allowed, but do not rush anything!

Power of powerlessness

Some people like the idea of ​​exercising power over others, be it physically or mentally. Other people, on the other hand, prefer the idea of ​​being dominated by another person - again physically as well as psychologically.

There can be many reasons for this. Often sexually submissive people in everyday life are very dominant people, have about dominant position in their company or otherwise a firm stand. It is also the case with dominant people who can be really shy outside the bedroom. You always look for what you do not have - also in the sexual field.

Role playing and domination

The "fields of activity" of dominants and devotees are almost unlimited. Often the already mentioned bondage games are used to express the role of each partner. But of course it can go much further than "just" bondage games.

Some devotees feel a special charm in being exposed to physical pain. To create this pain, you can use a variety of tools - be it whips, whips or even clubs or batons. Some like it much harder than others.

But mental pain is not uncommon in the bedrooms of couples with a tendency to power games. Through words or attenuated forms of existing mental torture methods can cause deep mental wounds ... Of course, they are not permanent and are only for the purpose of increasing pleasure in the moment of the act.

You should be careful not to overdo it. Before each act you should make out with the partner a so-called "safe word". If this safe word is called, all actions must be stopped immediately and without objection. As a result, as a submissive part, you have a certainty that you will not be fucked too hard.

Some veterans of the scene say that one should "stop when it gets bloody", with others, then only the perfect fun begins. It's a very individual topic where everyone has to test their own limits. There is no universal prescription for how much pain should be experienced or exercised for maximum sexual utilization. But it remains: Everything in moderation.

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