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The number of singles is higher today than ever. One has bitter disappointments behind, the other perhaps too high claims. Many are also unintentionally single or just have a hard time meeting someone. More and more singles are trying the modern way of contacting through the internet. Online dating sites are more popular than ever.

Flirt once and now

Formerly the search for his "second half" turned out to be much more difficult and in real life has mostly been confined to the workplace or circle of friends, thanks to the internet, there are a lot of possibilities today. Even the introverted, but intellectually shy young man has already found his - mostly reserved - Dulcinea.

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Learn to flirt

For the clientele 55 + and generally for inhibited shy or busy people such as managers and self-employed, who take little time or desire to go out, have opened up with new dating markets promising new opportunities. Which sprightly 60-year-old speaks to a lady in the coffee house today? Thanks to the Internet, even the reverse is possible. For a long time now, a woman no longer has to wait to be contacted, but is allowed to take initiative herself.

In real life, the chances that a nurse, for example, meets and loves a well-educated, but inconspicuous salesperson with the same cultural interests, are almost as good as zero. The internet makes it possible!

His and appearance on single markets

As hard as the search for the right partner used to be without the internet, it is unfortunately also easy today to go crazy with single profiles and to disappoint honest looking singles.

Some men often confuse dating sites with a mail order catalog and think they only have to "order" a woman. Profiles whose content and requirements are intentionally aimed at one-night stands, sex relationships and infidelity are becoming more and more. Since today almost everyone has Internet access, the level of the profiles is sinking, some afflicted single women say. Even single-sex exchanges, which have to pay for the use of the services, the level is sinking and the number of those who register anonymously without a photo, has risen massively.

Multiple registrations and fun profiles as well as not serious profiles whose content reads like: "I'm looking for nothing. I just look around "are just as counterproductive. Apart from that, despite falling levels and many fakes, the number of contacts and getting to know many different characters probably the highest here. An honest looking single often looks through the fingers here.

Patience, but it can take a while with dating sites!

Newcomers are usually overwhelmed with letters and page visits. Couples can only find themselves in the per thousand range with just a few clicks for a lasting relationship, this is probably the famous exception to the rule.

The 36- to 45-year-old singles are not only a difficult age group in real life. After all, potential counterparts are usually already integrated into a trusted family and awarded or not yet ready for the second round.

What to do when the best friend becomes love?

How do I proceed correctly?

For a serious search you should be clear about your own ideas and wishes. However, one must expect to be contacted by people who have not yet completed their old story. Very quickly one becomes unconsciously the "stopgaper".

Dating Online
Single markets on the Internet

Furthermore, one should be prepared that the supposed Adonis on the first date with the picture on his photo has only little resemblance.

Nevertheless, despite anonymity, one should always treat the other with dignity and respect.

The most cheated is especially in weight and age. Furthermore, men have problems to admit their dwindling hair. Women in turn like to cheat with their kilos. It therefore often happens that not reality, often already 10 years old photos are exchanged.

The frustration on the first date is thus inevitable.

All's well that ends well?

Life is not a request concert, neither real nor on the Internet. If one is aware of this and makes use of the wonderful nature of the conversation, the exchange and getting to know each other whether the multitude of singles in the stock exchanges and their possibilities, there is nothing in the way of possible happiness and, above all, self-discovery.

Maybe you should just be more patient.

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