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More comfort, more savings in house energy costs and more modernity - the interest in intelligent living is increasing in the population. And those who have not even dealt with what his house is capable of doing as a smart home at this point will be surprised.

Smart living thanks to Smart Home

Or have you ever heard of the intelligent heating system? Or that a washing machine doses the correct amount of fabric softener depending on how dirty the laundry is?

Smart Home
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From a coffee machine that uses a voice command to prepare a cappuccino and then reorder beans? No, these things do not come from a future Hollywood film, but have long been reality! Just the thing for all technically enthusiastic people.

Optimal networking of your own home

Admittedly, it may be a little scary if the postman suddenly comes to the door with a pack of washing powder because the machine has reordered it. Nevertheless, such gadgets are somehow very useful. Anyone who thinks about the data security of individual house residents at this point is of course thinking in the right direction.

These aspects must also be guaranteed in the future. However, this type of future cannot be stopped. Let us better recognize the benefits and advantages of the smart home. Of course, you don't have to follow every trend. If you want to continue to check yourself whether your food has expired and the refrigerator should not do this for you, then do so!

In order to be able to use Smart Home in the home, a smart home system is required. Already today we find a wide selection of suppliers, for example there are suitable systems from RWE, which are ideally suited for entry into the world of smart homes. But even the smart home of Telekom is recommended.

Smart home makes living safer

Of course, smart home should not only be more comfortable, but also safer - if so, then, right? So how about an electronic door lock? This is then unlocked not with a key, but with a signal, so impossible for burglars. This signal can be made, for example, by fingerprint, chip card or PIN code.

And the smartphone can also be used as a key. Compared to the mechanical locking system, the electric door lock is far safer. And it is always practical if you no longer have to search for the key in your handbag with packed bags.

And what if someone notifies you in the future when someone rings the front door? To be able to speak on screen with the person, if you are not at home. Only the postman of his trust who wants to cancel a package? Then just open the door for him by remote control, so that he can park this in the hallway!

Smart Home saves energy costs

A house costs a lot of money, especially in winter when the heaters are put back into operation. If you want a cozy, warm home, you have to run the heating. Intelligent heating solutions control the heating individually, depending on the default setting. They keep the apartment at the desired temperature.

And if you like it warm in the evening, you can simply let your heating know when you come home using your smartphone.

Smart Home saves electricity

Intelligent lamps and lighting systems in the house react to the movement in the room and to the existing brightness from the outside. If you leave the room, the light in it is automatically switched off. On request, various lighting elements can also be linked individually, so that they can be called up simply by voice command. For example, you can simply call up the cinema mode if you want light and indirect lighting for the cinema program in the evening. And by the way, things like “forgetting light” no longer exist.

Smart Home does the household almost by itself

All right, not quite, but compared to the previous housework, we've done pretty well, right? So we no longer have to worry about lawn mowing, because this takes over a robot lawn mower, which mowed the lawn at regular intervals, fertilizes and automatically drives in rainfall in its charging station. Of course, the same applies to the vacuuming in the home, because even the intelligent vacuum robots, which sometimes even take over the wiping of the floor.

Even the fridge thinks with it, so that analyzes the food and sorted by their expiration date. Of course, he also gives timely notice when the milk runs out. In addition, how practical is it if the cooker hood works exactly to optimally filter the air? And please, who does not want a coffee machine that still prepares the coffee from the bed without having to get up for it?

From automatic shutters, to the voice command "Alexa, turn on the shower," pretty much anything is possible. The possibilities are already endless and certainly one or the other is more of a gimmick than really necessary. The fact that smart home makes living safer and in part more comfortable is definitely the case.

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