Snuggly and Yawny - The Fridge

Snuggly and Yawny - Snuggly is just lovely, friendly to everyone and always sprinkles with energy. Her friend Yawny is rather introverted, has a very special sense of humor and is sometimes a bit grumpy.

Snuggly and Yawny - you want it too!

Both are of one heart and one soul and are inseparable. Mostly. Just like it is in real life. Snuggly and Yawny live their everyday life with love, sarcasm, humor and an always positive attitude. And if you want, you can also color in our friends' drawings! Clicking on an image opens the drawing in large format:

Snuggly and Yawny Comics - Lose Weight
Come on - you want it too



Snuggly and Yawny - The refrigerator speaks
Snuggly and Yawny - The refrigerator speaks


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