Snuggly and Yawny and the day's events

Snuggly and Yawny - in love and loving, as long as the pitfalls of everyday life allow. Both are of one heart and one soul and are inseparable. Mostly. The way it is in real life.

Snuggly and Yawny say what they think

Tell us topics that are important to you and we will create a one-sided cartoon! Clicking on an image opens the page with the selected drawing:

Snuggly and Yawny and the Stranger
Snuggly and Yawny say NO to racism

Snuggly and Yawny and Foodporn on Instafur
Snuggly and Yawny meet social media

Snuggly and Yawny - garbage in the forest
Snuggly and Yawny - trash in the forest


An overview of all comic sketches by Snuggly and Yawny

We look forward to you sharing our happy heroes on social media. You don't have to ask for it, just leave our website address on the drawings.


Do you have questions, suggestions or criticism? Do you have any ideas for another comic or cartoon scene for our friends Snuggly and Yawny? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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