Snuggly and Yawny

You are finally here! We can introduce: Snuggly and Yawny - Best Friends forever, as long as the pitfalls of everyday life allow. Snuggly is just lovely, friendly to everyone and always sprinkles with energy. Her friend Yawny is rather introverted, has a very special sense of humor and is sometimes a bit grumpy.

Snuggly and Yawny - happy heroes of everyday life

Both are one heart and one soul and inseparable. Mostly. The way it is in real life. And here are the two in large format when you click on them:

Hi! I am snugglyYawny - Hi I am Yawny

Snuggly and Yawny live their everyday lives with love, sarcasm, humor and an always positive attitude. We will regularly enrich this page with new drawings and sketches from the lives of our two friends. So check back from time to time!

We look forward to you sharing our happy heroes on social media. You don't have to ask for it, just leave our website address on the drawings.

Moments and skits with Snuggly and Yawny

And if you want, you can also color in our friends' drawings! Clicking on an image opens the page with the selected drawing:

Snuggly and Yawny
Forgot mask

Snuggly and Yawny
That's the way love has to be

Snuggly & Yawny
Preferences in bed

Snuggly and Yawny
Please hug urgently

Snuggly and Yawny Hug me
... me too please

Snuggly and Yawny - Photosynthesis

Snuggly and Yawny - in 7th heaven
In the 7th heaven

Snuggly and Yawny - hugging voucher
Hug Coupon

Snuggly and Yawny - You don't look good
You don't look good

Snuggly and Yawny - Will I get a kiss?
A kiss?


Do you have questions, suggestions or criticism? Do you have any ideas for another scene for our friends Snuggly and Yawny? Talk to us!