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The summer tag is the accessory for the summer day train! The summer day train is a custom that comes from the Palatinate and also includes other adjacent regions. With this colorful happy parade the winter is expelled, earlier he also had the tradition of the death.

The tradition of the summer day

The summer day stick symbolizes the new life, the spring and thus the beginning of a new cycle. Depending on the community, the summer day train takes place just before Easter, traditionally on the third Sunday before Easter.

Summer day Plug
Tinker summer day sticks yourself

Incidentally, the popular Kurpfälzer custom probably has pagan roots and you can find evidence for it even in the days of the Sun King, Louis XIV. It is not known if the colorful summer day spots were already there at that time. After the summer day train, the winter is burned in the form of a gigantic snowman in a big spectacle.

What is a summer day?

A summer day stick is a simple stick, here called Stecken, which is equipped with colored ribbons. On the top sits a yeast pretzel and sometimes even a blown-out egg as a sign of the new life and spring - here you can see the relation to Easter!

In some cities, apples or small bouquets are a tradition on the summer day. With the colorful summer tags in their hands, the children accompany the decorated carriages of various clubs. At the end, of course, the sweet pretzel can be eaten - for the youngest of course, the highlight ever!

The homemade summer tag

And here comes a simple guide on how to make such a colorful summer day itself. This raises the mood especially when the snow on the meadow still does not want to give way and the children are already dreaming of spring colors.

First, you need the following things: a hazelnut or bamboo stick (which is also available in the flower shop), a pocket knife, a blown out egg, a yeast pretzel (ideally baked himself!), bows or crepe paper.

First, you sharpen the rod for the children, then you start to fill the sticks from bottom to top with finished loops (either bought or previously also made by yourself). If you prefer to use crepe paper, you can also decorate the summer day sticks with long colorful ribbons. This is easier especially for smaller children. Just put a lot of long crepe paper ribbons over the top, pull down a bit and put the yeast pretzel and the egg on top - the summer day is ready.

If you want, you can wrap the rod itself with crepe paper, there are no limits to your imagination!

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