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In order for babies and children to fully enjoy the sun, it is important to take some precautions. This is especially true, since the direct sun should be taboo for children until 2 years.

Special sunscreen for the skin of babies and toddlers

This is important because the skin of babies and toddlers is very sensitive. Especially when it comes to UV radiation.

Sunscreen for baby and toddler
Sun protection for baby and toddler - despite resistance during creaming

The skin is still very thin in the first years of life and also the UV-protection, which surrounds the skin, must first develop what happens in the first years of life. Of course, children should always be given the opportunity to play, play and move outdoors. Of course, since the children are forced to be exposed to UV radiation, some protective measures should be taken.

Protective measures

It is important that children spend most of their first two years of life in the shade. Especially during this time, children should be exposed to as little as possible or as little as possible direct sunlight. Shady spaces are ideal here.

The direct sun should be shunned even with a sunscreen such as a hood or a parasol, as it could otherwise cause the children to overheat. In the first year of life you should do without sunscreen. This could unnecessarily burden the very sensitive skin of the little ones.

It is also important that baby oil is not a sunscreen. Through the oil, the photosensitivity of baby skin is still promoted. But not only for babies, even for children until preschool age, it is important that they avoid the blazing sun. For about an hour a day, children should play, romp, and move in the fresh air. This supports child development. Likewise the self-formation of the important vitamin D.

But the direct sunlight is ideally avoided even after the first two years of life. This is mainly due to the fact that the children's skin can not produce the pigments, which are part of the natural protection, sufficiently and fast enough. Both sunburn and redness should be avoided at all costs. The most effective sunscreen is still covered in shady spots and additional sun-friendly clothing.

The sun-appropriate clothes for baby and toddler

In addition to shady areas, the best sunscreen is the sun-appropriate clothing. Especially the head, especially the neck, the ears and the face are absolutely sensitive. Therefore, a child should always wear a cap, hat, or the like in the sun. The rest of the clothes should be airy and still cover as much of the body as possible.

Sunburn on vacation
Protection against sunburn

It should also be noted that not all substances are sun-tight. However, there are special sunscreen clothing, which provide better protection through special fabrics.

In the best case these correspond to the UV standard 801 and have a UV protection factor of at least 30. Also for the shoes, these should cover as much of the foot as possible.
Sunscreens as a further measure

In addition to proper clothing, all uncovered body parts should be protected by a suitable sunscreen. It should be noted that frequent creaming should not lead to children being allowed to play in the blazing sun. Use only sunscreen that is specially designed for children.

In addition, one should make sure that money dries the sensitive skin of children more than lotions and creams. The chosen sunscreen should block both UV-A and UV-B rays and should also have at least one SPF of 20. All uncovered areas should be creamed about 30 minutes before going out. Also, enough sunscreen should be applied.

If a longer stay outdoors is planned, the creaming should be repeated. Especially in the water, the risk of sunburn is increased. Therefore, waterproof sunscreen should be used.

Further protective measures

As sensitive to the sun as the skin are the eyes. If these are too much burdened by the UV-B, it can lead to inflammation of the conjunctiva and the cornea.

Portrait of happy mother and baby in sunglasses on beach
Sunglasses for children must keep UV rays particularly reliable

That's why even sunglasses with perfect sun protection should not be missing.

However, it is also important in sun protection that children have a good role model, so all parents should pay attention to a sufficient sun protection. So the little ones look in the early years, the right behavior in strong sunlight.

So parents should not spend too long in the blazing sun and always protect themselves with appropriate clothing and sunscreen.

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