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Sex has not existed for a long time, and if it does, then he is boring, routine and dispassionate. The welcome kiss after work does not really mean anything to either partner, it's almost uncomfortable.

Look for tenderness

Paradoxically, however, both partners are the same: they yearn so much for tenderness, emotional and emotional connection, of course, also for sex. Just not with the partner, it seems, that has moved into the distance.

Soulsex can be a way to rekindle the passion for the same person when love is still there.

As close to partner as ever with Soulsex

Of habit and mindless pleasure

At the beginning of a relationship or an affair, the tension seems to be always there. We give ourselves to the partner and there is hardly anything he could do to stop us from finding him attractive.

For example, demented patients who are no longer able to use their brains - and perhaps have less opportunity to look at their sexual life from the perspective of reasoning - have a similar behavior. Carers in nursing homes report that many of these residents are sexually active, albeit in an autoerotic sense.

The desire for sex is there, even in a dormant partnership. But if the habit comes into play, the mind switches on at some point - and does more to nothing than it originally wanted to criticize. The customary kiss may not feel good, but it is the pondering that makes all other lust atrophy.

What is Soulsex?

Everyone remembers sexual experiences, which were not just about the physical, but the emotional connection to the partner. Especially in newly started relationships in which love is right and where there are still no habits, this aspect of sexual contact flourishes. That's what writer Eva-Maria Zurhorst wants to rekindle in her book "Soul Sex - Rediscovering Physical Love".

Because what is it that makes us so good at this kind of sex? It's the way every touch is good, and also how we can pronounce what we do not like. New partners are getting to know each other and it is a must to share what they like and what they do not. It is the endeavor of each partner to discover the other in this regard, to find out what he / she likes and what kind of touch will do him good and when.

In the course of a long-term relationship, we must always find out again where the partner just wants to be touched, love is and remains a constant journey of discovery. A routine does not exist, as well as one knows oneself - that makes Soulsex so attractive, the always new discovery of the current desires and needs of the partner and the proximity, which comes up with their unveiling.

How does Soulsex work?

Tender caress
Young couple - tenderness

Soulsex starts with every person. Feel the casual greetings really pleasant?

If so, they will be retained. But if they tend to give up tension and distance, it's okay to say that to the partner. He is not to blame, but the fact is that the kisses must be different. Intense. Authentic.

Maybe you'll leave it alone, if it does not matter. This mindfulness still needs to be developed by many couples and people, but they can do it together. It is equally important to tell the partner and show what you want - and it is important to get involved.

It does not mean wild costumes or uncomfortable thongs, let alone "new things" to spice up the sex life. It's just about desires in sex. One partner communicates with you. The other partner embarks on the journey of discovery of their fulfillment - and vice versa.