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In the age of smartphones and computers, board games seem to be as good as wiped out. The time together with parents and friends is particularly important for the social and cognitive development of children.

Spending time with family or friends

Everything is fast moving these days. Social life is increasingly taking place on "social" media. Conversations with other people are replaced by chats. In the case of boredom, friends are rarely visited, but films are streamed.

Free game templates
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That's why I am convinced that we should play a lot more board games, because with a relaxed atmosphere and fun board games, you always get into conversation. You perceive your fellow human beings more intensely.

Important time for parents and child

We know all cases in which parents park their children in front of toys or in front of a screen and are happy to have five minutes of rest. However, children need a lot of attention from their parents, which they do not get with toys that they can play with on their own.

Free game templates

With our self-designed game templates for classic family games, we would like to support the positive commitment in more time together. Clicking on a link opens the page with the selected template. Have fun playing and don't get annoyed :-). It's just a game.

City country river game arches

Play Ships Ships - Download Free Template

battleship template

Kill the Virus - Sinking Viruses - Sinking a ship alternative

Destroy viruses

Hangman template - Play Hangman games for free


Play free template to puzzle

Puzzle template with game rules

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Paper planes fold

Memo game template shapes

Memo game templates

If the parents take the time to play a board game with their children, the children will notice their presence much more intensively and can build up more trust in the parents. During this time together, parents also have the opportunity to exchange ideas with their children and to monitor the level of development and thus to be able to assess deficits faster and better. If problems are already known, such as bullying or bad grades, the time can also be used to discuss solutions.

Learn skills with board games

By playing together, social skills are strengthened. This includes both eloquence and the ability to be happy for others. Children in particular tend to get angry after a lost game and to deliver sentences like "I don't want to play anymore, the game is stupid!". But with every setback you become more relaxed and a better loser. You have to learn to lose!

It doesn't matter which game you choose, you will almost always be able to strengthen at least one skill. This is reason enough to meet up with family or friends from time to time and have a fun game night. Success is practically guaranteed. And there are a number of classic games that you can play together spontaneously without much effort and with few materials.

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