Game idea Trip to Jerusalem

The trip to Jerusalem is a classic child's play for inside and outside. You only need a few chairs (alternatively newspaper), a cassette recorder or CD player and you're good to go.

Game idea Trip to Jerusalem

The number of players is actually unlimited, but of course small spaces restrict the number of players considerably. Here you could simply use a newspaper instead of putting chairs so that all birthday guests can also play along.

The trip to Jerusalem can be played with both kindergartners and older children, but it is recommended that younger children pay less attention to others, so that it is not too boring for the departed.

The trip to Jerusalem, it's played

When traveling to Jerusalem, which is also known as a chair dance, chairs are first placed in a circle (seat facing outwards) or with the back of the chair in a row. Important: Always use one chair less than your teammates. The game leader sounds music and the children begin to walk around the chairs.

At some point, the leader stops the music, now every child must try to get a seat. Who is left, so has found no seat, has retired. Now the journey continues to Jerusalem. A chair is removed, the music is switched on again and the competition for a place is repeated. So many rounds are played until a winner is determined at the end.

Variants and Tips for The Journey to Jerusalem

Instead of chairs, you can also use old newspapers in an emergency. Here the children have to jump on it after stopping the music. This variant of The Journey to Jerusalem saves space and is suitable for a large number of players - and also an alternative for the garden. In order to make it easier for children to leave, it is advisable to use the child who has left the school for the next round so that the child can both turn on and off the music!

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