Four game ideas for car rides with children

Horror children or driving pleasure? Long car rides are not only a challenge for children, but also very fast for the parents. "I have to go to the bathroom!" - "I'm thirsty!" - "How long is it?" - "When are we there?" - Questions that parents know only too well. Simple game ideas for car trips are the remedy!

A3 Bingo - 4 games for children with children

The following 4 game ideas will help in the fight against boredom on long car rides with children.

Coloring page car excursion for children1.) The classic: I see something you do not see.

A lot of explanation does not need this game. You look for an object in the car and describe it in the following words: "I see something you do not see and that is ... blue" - Then everyone else is allowed to guess until they find the right item.

Alternatively, questions may be asked by the Ratenden, for example, "Is the item around?" - "Is he moored to the car?" Etc. The respective winner of the round can then choose the new item. An ideal game in traffic, because you can also include the cars around here.

2.) Truck celebrities

Many truck drivers have a nice habit of putting their name on the windshield. The game is quite simple: anyone who discovers a name of a truck driver calls out loud. Then all are looking for a celebrity with the same name.

The fastest is getting one point. Whoever has the most points after a set time has won. Alternatively: The first player to win 30 points has won.

3.) Number Shield Sets

A person in the car reads the letters of a passing license plate. Afterwards, all together think about a funny sentence to the license plate. Example: "MT - WE" -> Michael is practicing white sausage.

If the children are older, you can try to find sentences that also fit the region of the license plate. As an increase, abbreviations to the license plate can be considered (eg garbage bin inspection maintenance unit). Everyone plays together in this game. It's more of a fun game.

4.) Auto Color Rally

Each player selects a color. At a start signal, all players watch together the opposite lane. Each player now has to count the cars that face him with his color.

The first to count 50 cars of its color wins the round. To increase the level of difficulty only cars of a certain car make or just trucks, buses etc.


So: on a happy and relaxed car ride.