Spring Game Ideas Playing with children

The sun is shining, the tulips are stretching their flowers towards the sun and ladybugs are crawling out from under their winter hiding places. What is more exciting for children than the awakening of nature?

Play in spring for children ages one and up

Even our little ones, children from the age of one, are already looking forward to the warm sun rays, the many beetles and ants and the first flowers on the meadow. For children from the age of one you don't need toys on the terrace or in the garden in spring, because they still focus on touching and observing nature. And of course the movement, too, but it almost happens by itself outside!

Game materials on site

What particularly benefits the children in spring are the many new sensations that nature has to offer. Here, learning experiences are made playful and, due to the positive mood and the simultaneous movement, also anchored accordingly in the neural network of the brain. Game material is on site: grass, flowers (please ensure non-toxicity), old autumn leaves, mud, earth, sand, tree cones, no matter what kind.

Games for children from one year old

Feet path: even with the little ones you can go on a tactical journey with your feet. You should only use comfortable materials with them and not necessarily something that can hurt.

Coloring page children playSuitable materials are grass, water (straight from the garden hose into a bowl), sand, earth, terrace slabs, etc. You can linguistically support the feeling of the foot by asking questions: Is it rather soft or hard, pleasant or uncomfortable, dry or wet. In this case, the path does not necessarily have to be a route. You can just as easily take the child by the hand and lead it to the individual areas.

Guessing or imitating animals: Depending on the child's level of development, you can play the game guess animals on the garden lawn or on the terrace. Everyone thinks of an animal that they have to imitate. From the crawling spider to the meowing cat, everything is allowed. If the child is still too small for this, you can encourage them to simply play animals and imitate the movements. The funniest is of course for two, so that the parents should crawl across the meadow as worms or gallop as horses. As an alternative to animals, you can of course also imitate gliders, trains or cars. Accompanied by sounds, it is twice as much fun!

Treasure hunt or thieving magpie: in this game a treasure is hidden in the garden. The treasure can be anything, it just has to be cleared beforehand: a mucked-out chain, a packet of gummy bears, a gardening glove. This game is about searching and not about the content of the treasure, whereby a packet of gummy bears is of course better searched for and found. You can tell the child a little story beforehand, perhaps about a thieving magpie who stole and hid the treasure. If the child prefers pirate stories, the imagination can also serve well here. Important: Make sure that the hiding places are not too heavy for the children, otherwise they will soon lose the desire to search and deal with something else.

Play dog: none the most popular game for children from the age of one. One player is the dog, the other the master. In spring, of course, the game takes on a new dimension: You can now go for a walk in the garden. A few laps across the meadow, once around the terrace - and then the dog gets a treat. From May you can use strawberries and other spring and summer fruits for this.

Catch & Hide: the classic games are of course more fun outdoors than indoors. It is not as easy to be found behind bushes, armrests and under the garden table as in the four walls, where there are only a limited number of hiding places that everyone already knows. When catching, you should first think about where to catch and run, whether there is a safe zone into which the catcher is not allowed, etc. The older the child, the more rules he understands. For children who are just one year old, playful chasing across the garden lawn with subsequent tickling fun is often enough!

Water march: if you have a garden hose, you can play water-hunting here, this time the catcher is the jet of the water hose (which of course the real catcher holds in your hand). Whoever gets wet has lost and becomes a catcher himself. Attention: Please do not set the jet too tight, this can be very painful on the skin! Otherwise, of course, water offers an unlimited choice of play options. Small children often need a couple of bowls, a spoon, a small plastic jug, etc.


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