Towers and climbing towers to play

Children are little explorers and discoverers, who are completely unaware of their curiosity and their play instinct. For this reason, toys should be robust and durable.

Active children need sturdy toys

Especially when the summer, which invites you to spend time outdoors, is so goodbye, ideas for new toys can be very useful. Children like to play outside in the garden or on the playground at any age.

Security for game towers and climbing towers
Safety while playing

Play streets may be ideal for touring slide cars and chalk, but your own garden is still the best playground.

Here can be a slide, a swing and a sandpit. When dad says it all very well, he builds an interesting play tower, where little knights and great sailors can dive into their world.

Wooden toys are still the most popular

To stay with the game towers for a while, they are not only available in different construction versions, but also in various materials. But the material wood has clearly prevailed here and is popular not only because of its pleasant surface, but also because of its long life.

For this it is of course necessary that the climbing tower consists of a high-quality wood and a good workmanship. Craft-gifted fathers can also build it from posts and squared timber themselves. Of course, the wood should be sanded accordingly and pressure-impregnated in order not to give off harmful colors and solutions.

The commercially available kits are pretreated accordingly and need only be assembled with skill and the right tool. If the setup can not be done by itself, parents should pay attention to whether the provider offers a bodybuilding service.

Wooden toys for all occasions

After the outdoor season in the garden, the offspring now again more and more laid the game in the apartment. Here, too, toys made of wood play an increasingly important role. Maybe it's because the topic of sustainability is becoming more and more important, but also the proximity to nature and the long durability play an important role in the material wood.

Wooden Toys
Wooden toys

Plastic is unfortunately always over because of harmful plasticizers or questionable colors in the headlines, especially in toys for the little ones. Nevertheless, wooden toys should not be bought without hesitation cheap, because even this material may contain harmful paints and paints. Good quality can be seen in specialist retailers of brands that have been known for many years.

Shop wooden toys

Children of all ages love wooden toys, even if that does not blink and beeps. The shop selling fruit, eggs, ice and soda bottles made of wood, the railroad, board games, jigsaw puzzles and educational games are all high-quality and deceptively natural, offering children of all ages a pleasure to play with.

With these toys, the enjoyment of the items can last even more than a generation.

An idea for "Game Towers and Climbing Towers to Play"

  1. Hallo,
    that is a really great contribution to climbing. Also, I think that climbing towers and similar wooden toys are an asset to the children and the garden. Especially because nowadays kids are being driven more and more often with any equipment of the entertainment industry into the lack of exercise, with all its consequences.
    If you want to do something good for children with a play tower, then quality is of highest priority. This not only affects the stability of the equipment, but also a neat and well planned design that eliminates sources of danger and thus reduces the risk of injury. Climbing towers built according to DIN EN 71-8 have taken exactly that into account.
    Another important aspect of quality for me, however, is that no pressure impregnated wood is used. With proper lumber (eg Nordic spruce) and an environmentally friendly water-based dull glaze, one can achieve almost the same result in durability. This protects not only the environment, but also his children from the toxic substances of the boiler pressure impregnation.
    Most manufacturers claim that it will not be washed out, but unfortunately reality proves otherwise. So for me, only a chemistry-free tower comes into question.


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