Spiders as pets

Who decides to be a spider as a pet, must know that she is not a cuddly toy. The spider can occasionally be put on the hand, but mainly the animal prefers an undisturbed stay in the terrarium.

Spiders as a pet

If the hand reaches the terrarium, this causes stress for the spiders, and the animal can bite. The terrarium in which the spider is kept must have a footprint of 30 × 40 centimeters. The height should measure up to 50 centimeters. During moulting, the animal should not be fed.

Red-knee tarantula - Brac
Spiders as pets

Otherwise, the food of the spiders consists of insects and living arachnids, such as grasshoppers that can be bought in specialist shops. In addition, always enough water should be available. The attitude of spiders is quite simple. The animals do not need too moist heat and like bark mulch as underground.

Which spiders are suitable for keeping?

The most popular spider species as a pet, are the red chile tarantula, as well as the red-footed bird spider and the Mexican red-knee tarantula. The former is five to six inches tall and is peaceful and robust. The red chile tarantula grows very slowly and pauses for a long time with the food. Preferred foods of this house spider are insects and nesting mice.

The peace-loving red-footed spider is a tree bird spider and ages for up to 15 years. The preferred food of this spider species are grasshoppers or cockroaches. Also, the Mexican red-crowned tarantula is very popular as a pet and is particularly suitable for beginners as a first spider very well. She is fed with crickets or grasshoppers.

What do spiders cost?

Depending on the species and size and species, a tarantula costs up to 200 Euro. The terrarium needed for the spider costs between ten and fifty euros, depending on its size. to come to the bottom, 15 liter bark mulch, live food animals.

Spiders as Pets - The Benefits

  • Spiders are clean and quiet
  • Do not need much space to live
  • Watching spiders is fascinating
  • Inexpensive attitude
  • Educational pet

A small disadvantage

Many people disgust themselves with spiders and have a real arachnophobia. Anyone who has a spider as a pet, must expect that visit, who comes home from spiders disgusting, "running around" there. Alone the word spider triggers an extreme discomfort and panic in many people.

Silently crawling hairy "critters" who crawl around on the ground, so many set up the hackles. For that reason you should not always tell the visitor immediately that you have a spider as a pet.

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