City Land River Solutions Occupations

The city, country, river rules are very easy and quick to explain: to play city, country, river, you need 2 or more players. Each player needs a blank sheet of DINA-4 paper and a pen. And then a suitable category in which you want to play. For more unusual topics you will find your sample solutions here

City Land River Solutions Occupations from A to Z


Profession with A: doctor, geriatric nurse, artist, architect, pharmacist, astrologer, optician

Profession with B: baker, office clerk, bank clerk, draftsman, professional driver, bartender

Profession with C: chemical technician, chemical laboratory technician, surgeon, consultant

City Land River Solutions Occupations
City Country River Solutions Professions © Dan Race / Adobe Stock

Profession with D: roofer, designer, interpreter, detective, dermatologist

Profession with E: electrician, educator, occupational therapist

Profession with F: tiler, hairdresser, photographer, florist

Profession with G: gardener, scaffolding engineer, gynecologist, restaurateur

Profession with H: alternative practitioner, hotel specialist, dermatologist

Profession with I: beekeeper, engineer, computer scientist, interior designer

Profession with J: hunter, lawyer, jeweler, journalist

Profession with K: merchant, cook, confectioner, nurse

Occupation with L: teacher, farmer, engine driver

Occupation with M: painter, metalworker

Profession with N: notary, neurologist, sewer

Profession with O: order, orthopedist, ornithologist

Profession with P: pastor, pilot, policeman, physiotherapist, politician

Profession with Q: quality inspector, quantum physicist

Profession with R: judge, lawyer, reporter

Profession with S: public prosecutor, road worker, tax advisor

Profession with T: veterinarian, carpenter, dance teacher

Occupation with U: Uruloge, watchmaker

Profession with V: veterinary, salesperson, make-up artist

Occupation with W: forestry worker, materials tester, winegrower

Occupation with X: Xylophone

Profession with Y: yoga teacher, yacht builder

Profession with Z: dentist, dental technician, carpenter, zoologist



City Land River Print template


City Land River Template blank as pdf

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