City Land River Solutions Food

The City Land River rules are very simple and quick to explain: to be able to play city, land, river you need 2 or more players. Each player needs a blank sheet of DINA-4 paper and a pen.

City Country River Solutions Food and Drink

And then a suitable category in which you want to play. A few previous knowledge and a little preparation never hurt:

Eat with A: casserole, apple strudel, aioli, apple bags, avocado soup, antipasti, bread rolls

Eating with B: bread, sausage, bee sting, bagels, pretzel, börek, baguette, burito, soup with letters, baked apple, borscht

City Land River Solutions Food
City Land River Solutions Food

Eating with C: chili con carne, cantuccini, crème brûlée, crutons, cupcake, chips, churros, crepes, ciabata, cevapcici, croissants

Eating with D: donuts, Dresden stollen, Donauwelle, kebab, dessert, durian

E with E: pea stew, peanut butter, pancakes, iceberg lettuce, ice cream cake, entrecote, ebli, pickles

Eating with F: fish fingers, farfalle, lamb's lettuce, spring rolls, falaffel, meatballs, feta, fajitas, foil potatoes, focaccia

Eating with G: goulash, gazpacho, vegetable casserole, semolina porridge, gummy bears, gorgonzola, gyros, grilled cheese, poultry

Eating with H: meatloaf, chicken fillet, oatmeal, honeydew melon, honey, yeast braid, hemp biscuits, cottage biscuits

Eat with I: Irish stew, Involtini, ginger biscuits, instant noodles

Eating with J: scallop, yogurt, jalapenos, hunting sausage, jelly beans, jasmine rice, junk food

Eat with K: cutlet, Kaiserschmarrm, biscuits, jam, potato salad, cheese spaetzle, kimchi, cabbage rolls

Eat with L: lentil stew, salmon fillet, lamb curry, liver sausage, lasagna, liquorice, liver cheese

Eating with M: rice pudding, macaroni, moussaka, muffins, dumplings, poppy seed cake, minestrone, mascarpone, apricot dumplings, cassava

Eating with N: noodles, nectarines, Nutella, nut corners, nachos, Nasi Goreng

Eat with O: omelet, orange mousse, baked potato, fruit salad, wafers

Eating with P: polenta, pizza, pancakes, chocolates, polenta, pancakes, pistachios, pine nuts, turkey schnitzel, pulled pork, popcorn, pancakes, parsnips

Eat with Q: quark, quiche, quesadilla, quinoa, quebab

Food with R: red cabbage, rigatoni, roulades, ricotta, rice cakes, rocket, creamed spinach, roll roast, raisins, rösti, ravioli, potato pancakes

Eating with S: schnitzel, salad, speculoos, soufflé, spaetzle, spaghetti, sushi, pretzel sticks, sheep's cheese, soup

Eat with T: tofu, tagliatelle, boiled beef, tofu, tortellini, tapas, tortillas, tsatsiki / tzatziki

Eating with U: Udon noodles, green bean

Food with V: custard, wholemeal bread, veggie burger, clams, vla

Eating with W: sausage salad, walnuts, Viennese sausages, savoy cabbage, vareniki, watermelon, wonton

Eating with X: Xenia (cheese), Xhanthan (sweetener)

Eat with Y: yhlen herring, yakitori (Japanese meat skewers), Yorkshire pudding, yams, yak milk

Eating with Z: zucchini, goat cheese, lemon cake, onion bread, plucked cake, cotton candy, rusks



City Land River Print template


City Land River Template blank as pdf

Template city country river as a graphic



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