City Land River Solutions Food

The City Land River rules are very simple and quick to explain: to be able to play city, land, river you need 2 or more players. Each player needs a blank sheet of DINA-4 paper and a pen. And then a suitable category in which you want to play. For more unusual topics you will find here your model solutions

City Land River Solutions Food A to Z

Food with A: apple strudel, aioli, apple pies, avocado soup

Food with B: bread, bratwurst, bee sting, bagels

C: Chili con Carne, Cantuccini, Crème brûlée, Crutons, Cupcake

City Land River Solutions Food
City Land River Solutions Food

Dinner with D: Donuts, Dresdner Stollen, Donauwelle

Eat: peas, peanut butter, pancakes, iceberg lettuce

Food with F: fish fingers, farfalle, lamb's lettuce, spring rolls

Food with G: goulash, gazpacho, vegetable casserole

Food with H: Meatloaf, chicken fillet, oatmeal, honey

I eat: Irish stew, involtini, ginger cookies

Eat with J: scallop, yoghurt, jalapenos, hunting sausage

Food with K: Kotlett, Kaiserschmarrm, biscuits, jam

Food with L: lentil stew, salmon fillet, lamb curry, liver sausage

Meal: milk rice, macaroni, moussaka, muffins,

Food with N: noodles, nectarines, Nutella

Eat with O: omelette, orange mousse, baked potato

Food with P: polenta, pizza, pancakes, chocolates, Poulade

Food with Q: quark, quiche, quinoa

Eat with R: red cabbage, rigatoni, roulades, ricotta

Eating with S: schnitzel, salad, speculaas, soufflé, spaetzle

Food with T: Tofu, Tagliatelle, Tafelspitz, Tofu

Food with U: Hungarian goulash soup

Food with V: custard, wholemeal bread

Food with W: sausage salad, walnuts, wieners, savoy cabbage

Eating with X: Xenia (cream cheese from whey, like ricotta)

Food with Y: Yhlenhering, Yakitori (Japanese Meat Skewer)

Food with Z: zucchini, goat cheese, lemon cake, onion bread

City Land River Print template

City Land River Template blank as pdf

Template city country river as a graphic

Please feel free to contact usIf you have ideas for new extraordinary topics for City Country River.

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