City land river solutions garments

The City Land River rules are very simple and quick to explain: to be able to play city, land, river you need 2 or more players. Each player needs a blank sheet of DINA-4 paper and a pen. And then a suitable category in which you want to play. For more unusual topics you will find here your model solutions.

City Country River Solutions Clothing / Clothing A to Z

Garment with A at the beginning: evening dress, suit, anorak

Garment with B at the beginning: bikini, bra, ball gown, beret

City land river solutions garments
City Land River Solutions Garments / Clothes

Garment with C at the beginning: cardigan, catsuit, cargo pants

Garment with D at the beginning: down jacket, lingerie, dirndl

Garment with E at the beginning: shift dress, single breasted

Garment with F at the beginning: flannel shirt, bow tie, tails

Garment with G at the beginning: leggings, rubber boots

Garment with H at the beginning: pants, shirt, hot pants, Hawaiian shirt

Garment with I in the beginning: beekeeping suit, Inverness coat

Clothing with J in the beginning: jeans, janker, jacket, sweatpants

Garment with K at the beginning: kimono, caftan, knee breeches, children's shoe, cowl

Garment with L at the beginning: leather pants, leggings, dungarees, loden coat

Garment with M at the beginning: coat, mini skirt, cap

Garment with N at the beginning: nightgown, fishnet stocking, Nicki

Garment with O at the beginning: dress shirt, overalls, overknees

Garment with P at the beginning: sequined dress, sweater, bobble hat

Garment with Q at the beginning: tassel scarf, jellyfish suit

Garment with R at the beginning: raincoat, sexy underwear, robe, skirt

Clothing with S at the beginning: jacket, panties, socks, scarf, pajamas

Garment with T at the beginning: thong, costume, jersey, strap dress

Garment with U at the beginning: underwear, uniform, maternity dress

Garment with V at the beginning: velor skirt, square scarf, voile scarf

Garment with W at the beginning: vest, winter coat, wrap skirt, windbreaker

Garment with X at the beginning: -

Garment with Y in the beginning: Yukata

Garment with Z at the beginning: pointed cap, cylinder

City Land River Print template

City Land River Template blank as pdf

Template city country river as a graphic

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