City Land River Play - Rules

The city, country and river rules are easy and quick to explain: to play city, country, river, you need 2 or more players.

City country river rules of the game

Each player needs a blank sheet of DINA-4 paper and a pen. The players draw up a table on the piece of paper. The generic terms are written over the table.

Model Sedcard
Playing city country river

It starts with city, land, river and then other topics such as plant, profession, animal or even unusual topics such as food, drink, car, celebrity, instrument or fashion label. The topics must be discussed in advance with the other players.

One player quietly says the alphabet from AZ and another player has to say "Stop" at some point. Now all players with the letter that has been selected must find the words of the corresponding category.

In addition to city, country and river, classic themes are animals, plants, names and jobs. But also more unusual topics like colors, car brands or languages ​​can be played.

How are the points awarded at City Land River?

The one who first filled out the sheet completely says "stop" and all other players must immediately put down their pen. Now the first person starts reading the first category. The points for the words are distributed as follows.

If several persons have the same word, then each 5 gets points, if someone alone has a word, he gets 10 points. However, if someone has a word all alone in a category, 25 gets points. So each round follows the same principle. The points are added up after each round and in the end the one with the most points is the winner.

Tip from practice: Quarrels occasionally occur between players when individual subscribers, in order to be fast, write the terms very unreadable on their blocks. Since you can agree as a city country river rules that third parties must also be able to read the terms to have a valid solution.

Templates and solutions for city country river

City Land River categories with suggested solutions

Do you have ideas for new categories with or without solutions? Then talk to us!

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