Sudoku for children 6 × 6

The logic puzzle Sudoku has like most puzzles on a schematic basic structure.

Free Sudoku templates for kids 6 × 6

  1. Distributed in the fields are already given digits
  2. The aim of the game is to fill in all the empty cells with the digits so that each digit appears in a vertical and a horizontal row and only once in each block.

A click on the picture opens the Sudoku 6 × 6 for children in pdf format. You can then download it for free and print it out.​​

Sudoku templates kids

Open Sudoku as graphic

Sudoku 6x6 for kids

Show sudoku as graphic

Sudoku for children

Sudoku template as a graphic

Free sudoku templates

Sudoku template as a graphic

Sudoku template

Sudoku template as a graphic

Sudoku kids 6x6

Sudoku template 6 × 6 as a graphic

Is Sudoku suitable for children?

Definitely. In fact, preschoolers are introduced to this game. Among other things, the puzzle encourages the children to think logically. The prerequisite for this is that there should be no boredom when solving the puzzle, since the human brain only "feels" stimulated when challenged. And on the other hand, the Sudoku to be solved for children must of course not be too difficult, so that the child does not get frustrated. For this reason, Sudokus with fields in the format 4 × 4 or 6 × 6 are also offered for children.


Would you like to have a sudoku designed to your ideas? Do you have an idea for another puzzle that you miss with us? Talk to us!

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