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Kids love sweets. That's as safe as the amen in the church. And unlike in the past, they also seem to have access to the little treats everywhere. This begins at the children's eye level at the supermarket checkout and continues on children's birthday parties with chocolate cakes, windbags and smarties.

Sweet munching without remorse

Although we are all now cleared up about how much sugar is in the body, being overweight is a problem of our generation, which continues in our children.

sweet munching without regrets
Sweet munching without remorse

Not in vain in recent years have voices been heard that the generation of current kindergarten children would die earlier than their parents' generation due to poor nutrition. At a time when millions of people are starving and dying of malnutrition.

Sugar tables and raised index fingers

Already in the kindergarten children are informed about sugar and fats in food. Not just sweet sweets that do not even bother to come camouflaged as food, but also the nicely packaged, colorful, supposedly healthy kids foods such as fruit gnomes and kiddie sausage.

Why is it that children and adults fall back on the old habits and prefer to grab the chocolate bar than the natural yoghurt with fresh fruit? For one, it is certainly the time factor. The chocolate bar is ready made, the fruit you have to wash and cut to stir it in the yogurt.

In addition, healthy fruit is also more expensive than chocolate, which is often secondary and only serves as a pseudo-argument.

What can be done to break life habits?

Sweet munching without remorse works with healthy foods. That man likes to be sweet seems innate to him - and even the amniotic fluid tastes sweet. But how can you maintain a healthy eating behavior in the long term?

Here is the consequence of the parents asked. It is not enough to teach the children from time to time how it might work. Healthy eating habits can be learned. It starts with the bedside table.

Get used to serving a small fruit snack after lunch. In summer, berries of all kinds are the hit. So you slow down the craving for sweets and at the same time provide for an increase in vitamins, even if it must go fast at lunch.

More tips for sweet munching without remorse

Teenager eats Santa out of chocolate
Sugar - the daily new sweet temptation

Do not change your family's eating habits overnight. It's as frustrating as a picnic in the rain. Start with one thing and keep it until it becomes a habit. After that, do another thing.

Make sure you do not overdo it, otherwise you will quickly lose your appetite for a healthy diet. If you experiment a bit, your children will also get to know exotic fruits, herbs and dishes.

The more things your child knows, the more choices it will have later to polish their diet on their own. Do not forget that there are lots of vegetables that are naturally slightly sweetish. Pumpkin, carrot and zucchini are just a few examples.

Breads can be topped with fruit instead of nutella or jam. Here banana, pear, fig or apple on a thin layer of cream cheese are suitable.

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