Boreout - stress caused by boredom

Hours of private surfing on the Internet, online shopping, long private conversations on the phone and with work colleagues or pseudo-meetings with colleagues. What at first glance might sound tempting and like a great day-to-day work, in reality has nothing to do with a fulfilling day-to-day work.

Boreout: Stress caused by boredom

For a freely estimated quarter of all employees, everyday working life is determined by boredom, insufficient demands and disinterest.

Boreout - stress caused by boredom
Boreout - stress caused by boredom - Image by Vendula Kociánová from Pixabay

Doctors speak of the so-called "Boreout Syndrome". A fact that causes numerous problems for the employee and is often quite expensive for the employer.

What is boreout exactly?

Nowadays most people complain of stress and overwhelming work. Many employees are therefore being treated more and more frequently against burnout.

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