The extermination of bookworms in the 21st century

When we deal with the question of when we last held a book and really read it through from beginning to end, some people have to think for a long time.

Is reading uncool?

And then there are the avowed bookworms and bookworms among us, who continuously searched readings from all genres. It's actually a shame that the gap between them is widening and it's no secret that the next generation is more on the side of those who refuse to read. But why actually?

From the extinction of the bookworm
From the extinction of bookworms - Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Reading is no longer one of the top 15 favorite pastimes of Germans

Official figures confirm it - book sales alone in Germany have been falling continuously for years and reading itself is no longer one of the most popular leisure activities of people.

And this is not because there is a lack of good authors or the selection of good readings is too small. No, authors from all over the world go to great lengths every day to bring out exciting fantasy stories, exciting dystopias and modern books for young people. So that cannot be the reason for the lack of interest.

Not even thinking about the fact that there is no alternative to stubborn line-by-line reading, we think of the audio books, which are often released just a few months after a book is published.

Is digitalization to blame for change?

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