Fascination with dinosaurs

The fascination of "dinosaurs" is surprisingly great among children. This may be due to the fact that this species has been extinct for millions of years and is therefore not “tangible” for them.

What is so exciting about these primeval monsters?

The kids still come into contact with dinosaurs and some find these "monstrous" animals - such as the T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus rex) - just super exciting.

What is so fascinating about dinosaurs?
What is so fascinating about dinosaurs? Image by Bianca Carretto from Pixabay

Young parents may still remember the cartoons from the series “In a Land Before Time”, in which different species of dinosaurs often had to struggle to survive. There was, for example, the funny main character “Littlefoot”, a Brontosaurus who had a few more adventures with his friends “Ducky” (Saurolophus), “Petrie” (Pteranodon), “Spike” (Stegosaurus) and the slightly bitchy Cera (Triceratops) have denied less successfully. This film series consists of 14 films. In 2007 a 26-part series with the same name came on television, in which the protagonists from the films of the time are now young adults and have to cope with their lives. "Fascination dinosaurs" read more