Play indoors - simple game ideas for in the apartment

Huh? Like now, play inside. After the summer months it seems somehow strange, but like every year the time will come when the children (want to) no longer play outside

Game ideas for indoors

Muffin eating contest

picture of Prashant Sharma on Pixabay

You need:

  • Hat, scarf, gloves (mittens)
  • 1 dice
  • 1 muffin per child
  • Knife and fork for every child

This game calls for speed and skill and is sure to get some laughs.

All the children sit down at the table and are given a muffin with cutlery in front of them, and we put hat, scarf and gloves in the middle of the table. Then the dice are first rolled in turn. The child who rolls a 6 first quickly puts on a hat, scarf and gloves and then has to eat his muffin with a knife and fork. The others continue to roll the dice, because when a 6 is rolled again, it is the next person's turn and quickly gets the winter clothes from the last eater, who now has to take a break.

Whoever was able to eat his muffin first under these difficult circumstances is the winner! "Playing inside - simple game ideas for in the apartment" read more