So the good intentions are not just intentions!

The first 10 days of this year are over, the Christmas tree has been dismantled, presents have been exchanged and good resolutions have been forgotten - this is how the new year can begin.

So the good intentions are not just intentions!

But wait a minute! What about our good resolutions, our plans for the new year? Why are they forgotten again and swept under the carpet?

How the good intentions are also implemented
How the good intentions can be implemented - Image by Fee73 on Pixabay

Surely they weren't that wrong! We have put together a few tips for you so that the good intentions can still be implemented.

The classics among the resolutions

For the next year I want to eat healthier, exercise more and eat less sweets.

Also, I will stop smoking from January XNUMXst and plan to redesign the house. Incidentally, I'll finally implement all of my new projects that I actually wanted to do years ago, I need a new job, I definitely want to have more time for the family.

Oh yes, and from January onwards, savings will be made and not so much money will be spent on unnecessary things ... Did that sound like your good intentions for the new year? "So the good intentions are not just resolutions!" read more