And suddenly everyone was in the HOMEOFFICE family

What was the normal everyday life of an average family like. Well, I would say the family gets up in the morning, mom or dad prepares breakfast for the children and then they have breakfast first.

And then the cozy living room became an office.
And then the cozy living room became an office. - Image by Vinzent Weinbeer from Pixabay

If both parents go to work, the entire family gets ready for the start of the day at work, daycare or school. After their work is done, the family meets again in the afternoon and spends the afternoon and evening there together.

They'll probably play, do their homework, have dinner and then chill out a bit together before the kids usually go to bed and the parents can finally take time for themselves.

For some time now, however, some things have changed in this daily routine. A new form of work has arrived.

Home Office

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Christmas and Corona

I know, probably nobody can hear it anymore, but unfortunately Corona is on everyone's lips again or again. Especially now that we are close to Christmas time, it may reappear for many. And then we received this text from a reader that we would like to publish unchanged.

Christmas in "strange" times

You are probably wondering how you should do all of this. There are parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, children and maybe even more lovely people with whom you usually spend the party. But it looks like it won't be this year. There will definitely be many sad faces this year.

Christmas and Corona
picture of Christo Anestev on Pixabay

I too was wondering how it should go this year. After all, we are ten people. Our children are all grown up and have their own household, which is five households. Then there is my mother-in-law, the sixth household.

So it will have to be a bit different this year. We spent a long time worrying about what we were doing so that we could make it a bit Christmassy despite this difficult time and not have to mop up the rest of the year.

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Corona, loneliness and let's make the best of it

It is mid-March and politicians decide to make serious cuts in the lives of German citizens. I don't want to presume to judge whether these Corona measures were justified. The conditions were like that and we had to see that we could deal with it.

A little story about Corona

I am someone who tries to make the best of all possible situations. And so, of course, during this time I also thought about how best to deal with these rules.

Make the most of the Corona restrictions
Make the most of the Corona restrictions -
© Alliance / Adobe Stock

I have three children, all of them grown up, all of them no longer at home, all of whom have both feet firmly on the ground. We are a family that likes to see each other, sit together, eat, play, whatever great families do.

Suddenly that was no longer possible. At first it didn't bother me too much because we didn't necessarily see each other once a week, even in "normal" times.

And finally there is also the phone and WhatsApp. But after three or four weeks, as a mother (once a mother, always a mother), I slowly got restless and missed my children.

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