Zumba at home - fitness sport

Goes well with your resolutions for the new year and goes with the lockdown - Zumba at home. It has been a few years since the mix of Latin American dance steps and aerobics found its way into Germany.

Zumba turns the living room into a dance floor

However, the boom continues unabated and today you can hardly find gyms that do not offer Zumba classes.

Zumba at home
Zumba at home - Image by Yerson Retamal from Pixabay

But not everyone wants or can go to a studio. The solution is simple, because Zumba is also available for the home. No matter whether DVDs with finished programs and choreographies, CDs with the right music or various accessories for special workouts or pages with a suitable streaming offer.

The advantages are obvious: Train when you want and move freely and uninhibitedly. This is definitely an advantage at the beginning, when the hip swing is not nearly the same as that of the trainer.

There are also no recurring costs for a contribution to the gym. Most packages come with a DVD explaining the basics and dancing. Or you just stream it.

So you can first lay the foundation at your own pace. "Zumba at home - fitness sport" read more

Firmly in the saddle - why cycling keeps us fit

Cycling is one of the healthiest endurance sports of all and is the perfect cardiovascular workout. If you pedal vigorously three to four times a week for around 30 minutes, you can extend your healthy life by a good ten years.


When cycling, the saddle absorbs around 75 percent of your body weight. As a result, the joints on the legs are not stressed. Cycling is therefore also a good alternative to jogging.

Riding a bicycle - Image by Ольга Фоломеева on Pixabay

Cycling is particularly beneficial in the fight against obesity and the unpleasant rolls of fat. A person weighing 75 kilograms burns 720 kilocalories after just one hour at medium driving speed. That is far more than what is in a bar of chocolate.

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