Part-time jobs for schoolchildren

When children have a very special wish that cannot be easily fulfilled, they come up with the idea of ​​financing it themselves. Even elementary school children hire their grandmother, sweep the yard and are happy about one euro in addition to their pocket money.

When can children accept a part-time job?

There is certainly nothing wrong with that and even children who comment on tidying up the children's room at home with “child labor is prohibited” suddenly move voluntarily with the prospect of pocket money.

picture of Marc Thele on Pixabay

The question is not only when can they, but also when can they? Of course, it's always about small activities that are age-appropriate and do not result in any strenuous occupation. However, when children get older they want to take a real student job and then the question of what is allowed is really topical. "Part-time jobs for schoolchildren" read more