Birthday again

“Oh, my god, tomorrow is the most exciting day of my life ... again. Like every year when it's my birthday. "

Many parents probably hear this at least once a year if they only have one child. If you have more than one child, you may hear this sentence more often. Be that as it may, it will be the most exciting day of your life.

It doesn't get any easier with the years

There will be gifts, either what they want or what they did not want. In the best case scenario, there will still be shining eyes because they did not expect it.

Birthday gifts
Birthday Presents - Image by Alain Audet from Pixabay

I can still remember well when I was a school child. I wanted a bike. My parents only said: "You can wish a lot, whether we will fulfill your wishes is an open question."

I had a great childhood, but my parents weren't really rich and as a kid I had no idea what a bike would cost.

In any case, my ideas seem to have been utopian, because I expressed my wish, but actually thought from the outset that I would never get a bike. After all, there were also smaller requests on my wish list. "Birthday again" read more

And suddenly everyone was in the HOMEOFFICE family

What was the normal everyday life of an average family like. Well, I would say the family gets up in the morning, mom or dad prepares breakfast for the children and then they have breakfast first.

And then the cozy living room became an office.
And then the cozy living room became an office. - Image by Vinzent Weinbeer from Pixabay

If both parents go to work, the entire family gets ready for the start of the day at work, daycare or school. After their work is done, the family meets again in the afternoon and spends the afternoon and evening there together.

They'll probably play, do their homework, have dinner and then chill out a bit together before the kids usually go to bed and the parents can finally take time for themselves.

For some time now, however, some things have changed in this daily routine. A new form of work has arrived.

Home Office

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Important for children - reading books

Children should be introduced to books as early as possible. It starts with the first picture books viewed together and reading aloud.

More children's books for our children

When children come to school and learn to read, reading should be stimulated by reading the right children's books.

children's Books
Children's books - image by Sarah Richter on Pixabay

Modern media such as television, computers, DVDs and more cannot replace reading.

Reading and writing are and will remain indispensably important components of social communication.

Reading also introduces children to the subtleties of their own language and the mastery of linguistic diversity.

First reading books for children

Children's books for small readers can stimulate children's imagination and imagination like no other medium. Through books, children not only learn to read, they also discover new things, and they can let themselves be carried away into mysterious fantasy and fairy tale worlds.

Exciting reading books for children should captivate and inspire children. Then they will open themselves to the world of books all by themselves. It is important that a children's book is always adapted to the age and understanding of the child. "Important for children - reading books" read more

Nice ideas and gifts for children

If you want to make your child happy, you don't always have to resort to the latest trends. It doesn't always have to be the technology-laden toys. Everything that inspires your child's imagination is fun.

Really nice things for your child

As you can see from our focus on coloring pages, we are a fan of classic entertainment programs for children. And the Internet is ideal for browsing for nice game ideas.

Nice gifts and ideas for your child
Nice gifts and ideas for your child - © NDABCREATIVITY / Adobe Stock

Anyone who has a weakness for the typical Scandinavian style that we so appreciate will also find it. Also when it comes to children's room furniture or toys, including dolls.

Ultimately, it depends on the materials: how they feel and whether they have been processed to fit small children's hands. You will find high-quality articles in the Fabelab online shop. Regardless of whether you are looking for furnishing items for the children's room, which are furnished with attention to detail, or toys that make your child shine through the loving and child-friendly design.

The wooden doll's pram, for example, looks very enchanting. With this beautiful model, the doll can be lovingly taken for a walk. But a bassinet also looks very pretty as a decoration and brings warmth and charm to every child's room.

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