Climbing parks for children in nature

Climbing, balancing and jumping are natural needs of a child. The child learns movement sequences and trains his coordination skills.

Climbing parks for children

Climbing forests are ideal excursion destinations for the whole family so that children can let off steam and train dexterity and endurance.

Climbing parks for children
Climbing parks for children - picture by Alexandra_Koch on Pixabay

In climbing forests, artificial climbing routes are created in trees. The individual routes (parcours) are connected by different climbing elements and have different degrees of difficulty.

There are high rope courses for advanced skiers. It is important to back up here, otherwise it can be dangerous. All climbing forests and high ropes courses are subject to legal regulations so that safety for young and old is guaranteed. Trained specialists are of course also necessary and are on hand to provide the climbers with advice and assistance. "Climbing parks for children in nature" read more